.] Joe, floating in his watery grave, acknowledges that twisted bit of fate. But it wasn’t so simple, getting some coherence into those wild hallucinations of hers. Maybe I could wipe the whole nasty mess right out of my life. . Sunset Boulevard returned to Broadway in 2017 at the Palace Theatre with Glenn Close reprising her role as Norma Desmond, following a sold out run in the West End at the London Coliseum. Norma focuses her efforts on keeping the relationship with Joe just as it is. NORMA:  No one leaves a star. Betty knows she’s a lowly script reader and will continue to stay one if she doesn’t promote herself with a good spec. Norma Desmond, at one time a famous star of silent films, lives in a luxurious Hollywood mansion on Sunset Boulevard attended to only by Max Von Mayerling, once her director now her servant. Billy Wilder 's Sunset Boulevard (Wilder 1950) will be analysed and explored with its techniques and styles of mise-en-scéne and how this aspect of filmmaking establishes together as a cohesive whole with the. After Louis Bloom witnesses how stringers are filming a car wreck for the news broadcast, he decides that this career is just for him. . Max loves Norma so much he lets her treat him like a servant, supporting her fantasy for so long that she feels justified to enslave Joe, and arrive on the Paramount lot as if she were a queen. But it's also a love story, and the love keeps it from becoming simply a waxworks or a freak show. Joe’s on the road to destruction and nothing he can do will prevent it. that Imelda would be made by her father and this would be the symbol of their Louis starts selling the footage to Nina Romina, the director of the local TV station, who is awed by his material and wishes to get the crime stories involving more blood and cruelty. Character Analysis Of Sunset Boulevard. Joe understands Norma’s intentions when she gives him the gold cigarette case, and declares her love for him. And floating in a pool. I first saw Sunset Boulevard sometime in the early 70s. Joe rejects Norma during a lavish New Year’s Eve bash for two, leaving her alone. BETTY:  Come on, Joe. After Betty declares her love for Joe, he directs his thoughts to himself and his future: Having tried every way she knows to achieve her comeback—and failing, Norma attempts to hold onto the man who makes her feel loved. This essay will give an analysis of sound design used in the movies and how it is as important as the moving pictures to the movie. With William Holden, Gloria Swanson, Erich von Stroheim, Nancy Olson. He’s trying to get my price down. First he’s been out of work for a while and is about to lose his car; is chased by the finance men into Norma’s driveway; wants the rewrite job, but hates Norma’s hovering while he works; is frustrated when Max pressures him to lie to Norma about her career; is angry to discover Norma harassing Betty over the phone, and decides that his relationship with Norma can’t possibly work. In eluding the repossessors, Joe stumbles onto the decaying Sunset Boulevard mansion of fifty year old faded silent movie star Norma Desmond, who has largely been forgotten by the movie going public. 1 English 100 Section 41 9/28/11 Analysis of Sunset Boulevard Living in a Fantasy Land The creators of Sunset Boulevard utilize rejection, cynicism, and ignorant refusal of reality in order to emphasize the theme of wanting what you once had while also giving light to the darker, merciless side of the celebrity world. Meet Joe Gillis. Joe demands that Norma accept a change in their relationship when he packs his belongings to leave. This may have prevented the violent breakup and saved Joe’s life. Norma schemes to return to the screen as the star she once was. a musical in 2 acts, 21 scenes: Libretto by Don Black and Christopher Hampton; based on the film and screenplay Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder: Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Me! Joe tries to sell his story ideas so he can get studio work. When he eventually tells Norma the truth about her own fantasies, she shoots him. [. Her talent to entertain distracts Joe from the boredom of living with her, and delays his escape. Artie Green travels to Arizona as an assistant director to become a full-fledged director, and unwittingly gives Betty the chance to fall in love with Joe. Joe is unhappy being Norma’s kept man; lying to his friends about where he lives and how he supports himself. The studio wanted to rent your car. When Norma discovers that Joe is writing a script with Betty, she decides to break up the partnership. Synopsis Sunset Boulevard (Wilder, B. MAX:  It was I who asked to come back, humiliating as it may seem. Unlike most of the analysis found here—which simply lists the unique individual story appreciations—this in-depth study details the actual encoding for each structural item. Then he witnesses Norma’s bizarre ritual burial of her pet monkey in the dead of night, but fails to disassociate himself from her. The shock tips the balance in her mind and she walks downstairs to be arrested, believing the cameras and crowds are to welcome her return to the screen. . NORMA. He’s fated to run into Betty again at Artie’s party, only to discover that she’s his friend’s fiancee. Things appear to pick up for Joe when he’s hired to rewrite Norma’s script, but the job turns sour. However, using movie magic, he tells the audience what has happened to bring him to his sorry end. Suspicious of Joe’s late night “drives to the beach,” Norma interrogates him as he sleeps: As the story progresses the characters come up with more ideas to achieve their goals:  Joe comes up with the idea to ask his friends for money to pay his car notes; Morino advances the idea that losing his car will be good for Joe, because he’ll have to write; Betty comes up with the notion to co-write Joe’s story idea so she can earn herself a writing credit; Max comes up with the idea not to tell Norma the truth about Paramount’s wanting her vintage car for a film, not her screenplay, so that she’ll be happy. I hadn’t worked at a studio for a long time. These recollections fill her with happiness and fuel her enormous ego. There are also freeze-frames and jump cuts, which add to the effect of French New Wave cinema. Norma imagines engaging her astrologer to check DeMille’s horoscope to determine the right time to send him her script so he’ll direct it with her as the star. I’ve got a good thing here. At her private New Year’s Eve party, she’s so happy dancing in Joe’s arms she blurts out her feelings: Say it! Norma, you don’t want me to feel I’m locked up in this house? It exclusively portrays a flashback episode on … . I remember my walls were covered with black patent leather. GILLIS:  He was trying to spare your feelings. NORMA:  Will you pardon me, gentlemen. (Sadoul, p. 362). A montage illustrates Norma Desmond's slavish regimen of beauty treatments under blindingly bright lights: After that, an army of beauty experts invaded her house on Sunset Boulevard. Joe’s situation with Norma inhibits their conflict until the end when she’s already over the edge, and would rather kill him than be left alone. .] For one moment Norma acknowledges the truth about her age and her fears. . . NORMA:  You heard him. JOE:  . . Film Analysis Worksheet FILM Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder_____ First 2-3 Minutes What happens? In Sunset Boulevard, Norma Desmond is an aging silent film queen who refuses to accept that the world has forgotten her.She hires a down-on-his-luck screenwriter named Joe Gillis to help write a movie to restart her dead career. The noir feel isintroduces immediately aswe see the old fashionedcards drive past in low keyblack and white lighting.The shadowy contrasty skyis a key element of noir isthis shot. Some carhop, or a dress extra? Embarrassed to confess the truth to his friends, he’s vague about how he’s living. GILLIS:  The rest of the jewelry is in the top drawer. Illustrations of how “interdiction” makes Joe uniquely able to achieve the goal are: Joe successfully postpones the seizure of his car; he manages to escape Norma long enough to achieve some good writing with Betty and see a future of dignity and financial independence. How do you like that? In discussing Citizen Kane, Charles Higham mentioned "artistic cheats," flaws in credibility whereby characters in scenes gave information about which they couldn't possibly have full detailed knowledge.Sunset Boulevard's entire point of view is based on a gimmick. In the film Sunset Boulevard many character struggled with wishes, lies and dreams of fame and fortune. GILLIS:  I’ve lost my car. Even though his instincts tell him something is wrong with Norma that first night, Joe ignores this innate warning system. So does he for a while. No matter how many stories he pumps out, they’ll always be inferior because of his cynical attitude. For all its humour, Sunset Boulevard is a bitter and queasy film, and the figure of Desmond is its greatest grotesque, a woman of 50 striving to be 25, surrounded by … Norma discovers his secret and harasses Betty. Betty fails to sense something wrong with Joe’s evasiveness about where he lives, his fancy clothes, and the gold cigarette case. He allows Norma to turn him into a replacement for her dead monkey with gifts and a lavish lifestyle; becomes an attendant who empties her ashtray and fetches cigarettes at the drug store. What happens when she finds out? Where am I? The only other person besides Norma living at the mansion is Norma's valet, Max, whose unofficial job is to prime Norma's fragile but larger than life ego. Sunset Boulevard (styled in the main title on-screen as SUNSET BLVD.) NORMA:  Oh, I don’t care about the money. A lot of Diegetic sounds were used to Sunset Boulevard Film Analysis 1617 Words 7 Pages Mise-en-scéne is crucial to classical Hollywood as it defined an era ‘that in its primary sense and effect, shows us something; it is a means of display. He ducks into the driveway of a decaying mansion belonging to Norma Desmond. You've reached the "hub" for any and all Dramatica analysis of Sunset Boulevard. Thus, montage school can be regarded as a genre of art with an ideological function. His first effort to leave her fails when she attempts suicide. Max envisions that by removing all the locks from every door in Norma’s mansion, she won’t attempt suicide again; he envisions that by writing fake fan letters and mailing them from post offices around Los Angeles, Norma will be so happy not to have been forgotten she won’t get depressed over her forced retirement. MAX:  . His greatest successes. I have to get ready for my scene. In eluding the repossessors, Joe stumbles onto the decaying Sunset Boulevard mansion of fifty year old faded silent movie star Norma Desmond, who has largely been forgotten by the movie going public. The bright lights represent fame and success as for the darkness symbolizes lost hope and loneliness. I can’t go on with the scene. I’ll show them. I’ve got the most wonderful news for you. She shoots him dead and goes totally mad. Ultimately an uncomfortable relationship evolves between Norma and Joe that Joe does not want a part of. Sunset Boulevard Film Summary & Analysis Billy Wilder This Study Guide consists of approximately 24 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Sunset Boulevard. Sunset Boulevard: A Screenplay Analysis . Sunset Boulevard Film Analysis 1029 Words | 5 Pages. [. We had faces. Do you want this job or don’t you? . Norma must learn who is willing to give her another chance at acting; Betty must learn which established writer is willing to collaborate with her to earn her first screen credit; Joe must learn what kind of stories producers want to get his career back on track. .] . Betty Schaefer envisions that by cornering Joe at Artie’s party she’ll convince him to develop his schoolteacher story with her so she can get a writing credit. In one week she received 17,000 fan letters. He lands dead in the swimming pool. JOE GILLIS, barefooted and wearing nothing except shorts and an old bathrobe, is sitting on the bed. Hollywood is a great place if you’re a hot movie star or director. Sunset Boulevard (1950) is a drama/comedy that has its settings in Boulevard that are located between Beverly Hills and Los Angeles in California. NORMA:  That isn’t true! is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett. Screenwriter Joe Gillis has had some minor success in Hollywood writing B film scripts, but it’s been a long time since he’s sold anything. Film Analysis Worksheet FILM Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder_____ First 2-3 Minutes What happens? Where were you? Joe wants to maintain control over his life, while Norma is determined to own Joe body and soul. . is a 1950 American film noir directed and co-written by Billy Wilder, and produced and co-written by Charles Brackett.It was named after a major street that runs through Hollywood, the center of the American movie industry.. Back to a story that may sell and very possibly will not? Sunset Boulevard Summary. When DeMille reinforces her false belief, Norma locks onto it with a vengeance, working herself into a frenzy as she gets ready to face the cameras at age fifty. . I just want to work again. To help explain this analysis I am using the animated movie Wall-E made in 2008 by Ben Burtt as a case study . . Joe finds out and prepares to leave Norma for good, returning the clothes and trinkets. cars outside the streets. A screenwriter develops a dangerous relationship with a faded film … At her private New Year’s Eve party she announces her plans for the two of them. It inspired a … As the story progresses Norma considers more ways to regain her stardom:  Knowing how popular biblical epics are, she contemplates using the epic story of Salome as a vehicle for her comeback; realizing the impact her presence makes, she arrives in the flesh at Paramount to get a commitment from DeMille to direct her picture. That there may be some girl I’m crazy about? Norma, mad with jealousy and angry at being left alone, shoots him. You must understand I discovered her when she was eighteen. He tries to escape but she attempts suicide and he returns. He’s shot by her three times and dies in her swimming pool. MAX:  It’s just that I’m very worried about Madame. Or I’ll open my house in Malibu, and you can have the whole ocean. There’s no denying she possesses an innate ability to captivate an audience. . The objective characters envision how Joe or themselves can make it in Hollywood. conflict of the story. Betty’s love for Joe makes her act like a teary-eyed romantic. Joe tends to solve problems by using linear thinking:  When his car is about to be repossessed, Joe tries to sell a story to a producer, when that effort fails he asks for money from everyone he knows to make the payments; when he feels suffocated by Norma on New Year’s Eve, he leaves to find a happier party; when offered a chance to work on one of his stories that might sell, Joe sneaks out of Norma’s house to develop the idea; when he decides that he’s no good for Betty, he disgusts her into forgetting about him and marrying a better man. GILLIS:  There’s nothing tragic about being fifty—not unless you try to be twenty-five. Caught in a desperate situation that many struggling screen writers find themselves in, Joe comes up with ideas to score some quick cash from Sheldrake, his agent, and his friends. Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 film noir directed by Billy Wilder. NORMA:  What is the scene? So help me! . She’s attempted suicide, and has been married three times. NORMA:  I’m in love with you. . The following analysis reveals a comprehensive look at the Storyform for Sunset Boulevard. Betty imagines that if she can convince Joe to let her help him develop one of his stories, she can earn herself a screen credit and launch her writing career. Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett’s original idea for Sunset Boulevard was to portray an aging silent movie star as an embodiment of Hollywood’s callous treatment of … Norma interprets Joe’s nighttime prowls to mean he has another woman, and snoops until she finds Betty’s name, then makes the harassing calls. You’d have turned down “Gone with the Wind.”. As he exits the house Norma shoots him, and he lands dead in her swimming pool. It’s the pictures that got small. Artie Green struggles in his apprenticeship as a assistant director. .] And what made it even worse was that she was around all the time, hovering over me. In front of him, on a straight chair, is a portable typewriter. Billy Wilder's "Sunset Boulevard” is the portrait of a forgotten silent star, living in exile in her grotesque mansion, screening her old films, dreaming of a comeback. .] . .] Because she’s happy even in her torment, Max supports Norma in the falsehood, and warns Joe not to upset her: [. When that fails he implements a plan to inflate his pay rate, do a quick rewrite on Norma’s script, and pay off his debts. You don’t believe me, but I did, I did! I gave it to you. “She is a little woman. NORMA:  It’s yours, Joe. So help me! And no dialogue. In the Paramount sound stage DeMille tells Norma how expensive her picture would be to make, but she only expresses her deepest desires. But DeMille hates her script, and her association with Joe ends in murder and madness. GILLIS:  Oh, you’re one of the message kids. Joe knows that he has nothing to offer Betty and tells her how he’s been living. Sunset Boulevard Film Summary & Analysis. She reminds Joe of this when he rejects her idea that they work together: I made her a star. What are your expectations about what the film will be like at this point? You used to be big. He sneaks out of Norma’s house to work on the project, hoping to sell the story to support himself, and become independent of her. .] The music used for each scene fitted from the drama to the After shooting Joe, she’s more alone than ever, her mind permanently locked in the past. He’s behind in his rent and car payments and is forced to flee finance agents who want to repossess his car. Joe Gillis moved to Hollywood from Dayton, Ohio where he earned $35 a week working at a newspaper. . 1950) is one of the films that consider as film noir. GILLIS:  Stop it. SUNSET BOULEVARD. The film was named after the boulevard that runs through Los … Analysis of opening sequence to Sunset BoulevardSunset Boulevard is a film noir which was released in the 1950’s and is filmed inblack and white. Joe pretends to be a heartless gigolo so Betty will stop loving him and marry Artie; Max pretends to be a film director to lure Norma downstairs to be arrested for killing Joe; Norma acts like the silent screen star she once was when she madly glides down the staircase to the newsreel cameras. When she gets a call from Paramount Studios, she believes DeMille wants to make her picture, but they just want to rent her vintage car. The character’s use of speculation causes problems:  Max deeply believes it’s possible to sustain Norma’s dream world forever, risking her loss of sanity if this dream world is shattered. "Sunset Boulevard" is a backstage melodrama using a filmland, instead of a legit, locale. When Norma offers him the chance to make some money, pay his bills, and continue his efforts to sell his scripts, he accepts. In her murderous rampage, Norma contemplates her star status: An Analysis of The Sound Track For The Movie Wall-E Thinking she’s going to face the movie cameras again, Norma begins a strict beauty regime desperate to shed years from her fifty-year-old body. 9 frame analysis sunset boulevard 1. .] GILLIS:  Sure you are. Norma discovers his secret and makes harassing phone calls to the girl. GILLIS:  [. He's dead. DeMille didn’t have the heart to tell you. Joe’s hopes for a future with Betty are destroyed when he discovers that Norma has tainted their relationship with harassing phone calls. and I thought it was a matter of life and death. Not even twenty years of obscurity convinces her that she’ll never be a screen queen again. Join StageAgent today and unlock amazing theatre resources and opportunities. Sunset Boulevard Sequence Analysis: Norma Desmond’s Final Scene June 26, 2019 by Essay Writer In Billy Wilder’s 1950 film Sunset Boulevard, Gloria Swanson plays a former silent film star named Norma Desmond who lives as a wealthy recluse in order to protect herself from the truth of her irrelevance in the public eye. Later he strangled himself with it. I’m too happy. I thought if I really got going I could toss it off in a couple of weeks. Joe is a screenwriter, trying to make car payments and expenses. GILLIS:  [. She attempts suicide and he returns, becoming her lover and a kept man. Film noirs describe pessimistic films associated with black and white visual styles, crime fiction, and dark themes. [. (Angles? Having fallen in love with the younger Joe, Norma attempts to buy his affections, then fights to keep him from leaving her for another woman. While Joe believes he can manipulate her to his benefit, but he soon finds out he’s dead wrong. The objective characters are concerned with how to realize their career objectives using Joe’s talent as a writer. Sunset Boulevard preliminary draft with original opening scenes and Montgomery Clift listed on cast sheet, 1948.A fascinating early script draft for Sunset Boulevard, Billy Wilder’s classic 1950 film noir with Gloria Swanson and William Holden.A simply typed warning from Wilder and screenwriter Charles Brackett graces the cover page: “This is the first act of Sunset Boulevard. . It’s fate that he should land in dead in the swimming pool Norma had restored and filled especially for him. Fed up with Norma’s obsession for a comeback and her possessiveness, Joe packs up his old belongings, returns her gifts, and leaves the house. It critiques Hollywood’s star system. The closer Norma believes she is to getting back into pictures, the more demanding and possessive she is of Joe. Joe is a screenwriter, trying to make car payments and expenses. Joe attempts to learn just how controlling Norma intends to be. I’m all wrong for you. Betty’s a low-paid script reader who dreams of becoming a writer. NORMA:  Oh yes, yes. GILLIS:  Exactly what kind of material do you recommend? . Adaptation of the literary classics to the films has surged as one of the most appealing topics in the 21st century of interdisciplinary studies. Down below they’re waiting for the princess. Joe finds himself living in a one-room apartment, behind in his rent, and on the verge of losing his car. Our goal for this project was to utilizes these photos, along with data collected from the decennial census as well as articles from local publications in order to Sunset Boulevard is a 1950 film noir directed by Billy Wilder. The shoes She made twelve pictures with Cecil B. DeMille which saved Paramount Studios. Adelphi Theatre, London - 12 July, 1993 (1529 perfs) Shubert Theatre, Los Angeles - 9 … . Music in this film matches genre peculiarities of film and helps to point out the most important moments in the film. . Norma falls in love with Joe, and smothers him with clothes, jewelry, and her unwanted affections. Sunset Boulevard Film Summary & Analysis Billy Wilder This Study Guide consists of approximately 24 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of Sunset Boulevard. The lighting in Sunset Boulevard is used as a symbol that represents loneliness and a yearning hopefulness to become successful. Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett’s original idea for Sunset Boulevard was to portray an aging silent movie star as an embodiment of Hollywood’s callous treatment of … He’s living in a tiny apartment, and he’s behind in his rent and car payments. Well, in the end, he got himself a pool. Joe, finally fed up with Norma and disgusted with what he’s become, leaves her for good. It is a classic black comedy/drama, and perhaps the most acclaimed, but darkest film noir story about “behind the scenes” Hollywood. Artie’s so busy developing his talent as a director, he leaves Betty alone to fall in love with Joe. He decides to give up his bid for Hollywood success. Joe, recently murdered and floating in a swimming pool, wants everyone to know the chain of events leading up to his death. (The young, beautiful Salomé holding the saintly Baptist's severed head on a platter became a famous subject in art.) . I cannot let her be destroyed. The moment Norma realizes that Joe is a writer she decides to use him to achieve an acting comeback. I don’t want to be a reader all my life. Maybe I could get away with it. But that wasn’t good enough. .] NORMA:  I know that trick! Mise-en-Scène?) made by her father, but during the time were Imelda had problems with her father she . NORMA:  Those idiot producers! GILLIS:  [. MAX:  She was the greatest of them all. . . (Thomas, p. 115). Mise-en-Scène?) Sunset Boulevard contains something for everyone: elements of mystery, action, romance, and deceit are woven meticulously throughout the film. What grabbed my attention the most in the movie was the scene where the protagonist shoots the policeman. She’s written a horrible movie script, hoping to star in it and make a glorious comeback. . BETTY:  [. I found it [“Bases Loaded”] flat and banal. . . But he keeps pounding out the same old material, “two a week” anyway. But if your career is on the skids, or if you’re struggling to get established, Hollywood is a hard place to exist in. relationship, during the time Imelda and her father were happy she wore the shoes Look at me. GILLIS:  I thought I’d wangled myself a pretty good deal. When you use the processes of recording, editing and mixing of sounds you greatly enhance the quality of the movie. story. The objective characters are motivated by how they see themselves. Joe takes action to solve his problems:  When he needs money to make his car payments, he immediately hustles to raise the it; when the finance men chase him, he races up Sunset Blvd. inside the shoe shop, it gives the characters something to do while they talk. Betty does everything she can to get Joe to develop his story with her, then she tries to convince him to leave Norma and come away with her until he makes her believe that he’s a lost cause. I’ll be up there again. Norma declares that “no-one leaves a star,” and shoots Joe as he leaves the house. I got myself a revolver. You don’t know what I’ve been through these last weeks. . Sunset Boulevard weaves a magnificent tale of faded glory and unfulfilled ambition. GILLIS:  I went for a walk. Buy Study Guide. When he returns the jewelry she’s given him, Norma offers him more: . The lighting in Sunset Boulevard is used as a symbol that represents loneliness and a yearning hopefulness to become successful. Silent movie star Norma Desmond longs for a return to the big screen, having been discarded by tinsel town with the advent of “talkies.” Her glamour has faded in all but her mind. . . threw away the shoes that her father made for, Mise-en-scéne is crucial to classical Hollywood as it defined an era ‘that in its primary sense and effect, shows us something; it is a means of display. ' He becomes her lover and kept man. 9 frame analysis sunset boulevard 1. . Sunset Boulevard (1950) is a classic black comedy/drama, and perhaps the most acclaimed, but darkest film-noir story about "behind the scenes" Hollywood, self-deceit, spiritual and spatial emptiness, and the price of fame, greed, narcissism, and ambition. “State of Being” is given more weight in the objective story:  In his last voiceover, the conflict between “sense of self” and “state of being” is explored as Joe muses about the reality Norma will have to face after committing murder: Joe sneaks out of her mansion at night to write a screenplay of his own with a pretty young script reader. What mood/tone is set in the first few minutes? I’m a star! . This causes Joe to leave Norma which leads to his murder. However, I chose a specific extract from the movie to analyze in detail. That is my job. Leonor’s suspicion that her husband is cheating on her, this in turn creates one of the

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