Just like a string of an instrument, vocal chords vibrate, letting sound waves resonate. FandF entertainment 426,221 views d. are transverse waves. The sound wave rattles a sheet of paper in a direction that shows the sound wave is longitudinal. (Answer: The sound waves travel from the first person's mouth, into the first cup, down the string, vibrate the second cup, and into the ears of the second person.) When a sine wave is used to represent a sound wave, the crest corresponds to: a. rarefaction b. condensation c. point where molecules vibrate at a right angle to the direction of wave travel d. region of low elasticity 2. ! The wave on a guitar string is transverse. sound is able to travel along a string by something thats called sound waves! The vibrations travel along the string and are converted back into sound waves at the other end so your friend can hear what you said. In this lesson, students learn about the connection between sounds and vibration. List two things that made the sound travel poorly. C. Sound and water waves.