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Become a member! Even in the damp spring, I was able to rock hop any creek that wasn’t already bridged. On the same trip I ran across a bobcat, a gray fox, and tons o' turkey and The elevations encountered run from just over 1,000 feet to the highest point in South Carolina, the peak of Mount Sassafras at 3,554 feet. The name "Three Bears" supposedly comes from a description of the 3 sustained and steep climbs that are found on this trail. First wildflower of the season – March 2. It’s a pretty simple concept but one that best prepares both your body and mind for your goal task. The Foothills Trail, though steep in places, is not especially rugged, so trail runners are more than adequate. Also, lightning is a danger on the trail year round. Table Rock State Park from Ashville: take I-26S to US 25S to SC-11S to park entrance. There are 262 shelters on the AT. It is not uncommon to see black bears, beavers, bobcats, deer, and snakes in the Foothills region. Dogs are also able to use this trail. We did this for all of the children fighting for their lives. The Foothills Trail is absolutely beautiful, and it packs a lot of scenery into its relatively short length, however, I've had enough of bureaucrats, parking fees and hiking permits to last a while. The footpath itself is well constructed and well maintained. According to authorities, the man wrecked his mountain bike on Three Bears Trail in the upper foothills, north of Shaw Mountain Road at about 11:15 a.m. The wildlife species of the Foothills, including woodland caribou, grizzly bears, westslope cutthroat trout, bull trout, and endangered Athabasca rainbow trout, have suffered major population declines because decades of unmanaged cumulative effects and excessive linear disturbance on the landscape. Gorges State Park maintains campsites with sand tent pads, grills, and picnic tables. Do not let the lower elevations fool you; this trail is not easy. (The 211-mile John Muir is often ranked as the most scenic trail in the country.) This trail starts from the end of Mountain Cove Road in Military Reserve Park, and connects all the way to Rocky Canyon Road. in Boise , Hikes . If you want to train for an upcoming AT attempt, keep the principle of specificity in mind and try a training hike on the Foothills Trail. Nature, Swamp Creek, and Foothills Trails Loop is a 4.6 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Fairfield, Pennsylvania that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. It is Monday evening and as I write this, Melissa’s family is en route to Raleigh for our much-anticipated backpacking trip along the Foothills Trail in northwestern South Carolina. If the bear attacks, fight back aggressively. The 25-mile trail runs near Puyallup, Bonney Lake, and Enumclaw. Here's what to do if you come face to face with a wild animal. Three Bears is named for the three steep sections that will light your leg muscles on fire. This was a cold night that got down at least into the low 20's. Basically, the concept is that the most useful training is directly tied to your goals. More info here. “We decided to do it in that direction after watching YouTube videos of trips and reading what people had to say,” says Scott. Campsites: #15; Bear Warnings - areas where bears are active. Both can be found at the Foothills Trail website. This is necessary due to the frequent visits to this campsite by Bears. The second, much more impressive, crosses the Toxaway River. "Foothills" might sound small, but don't let the name fool you: this is a rigorous trail for fit hikers, and you'll need a trail map, ample water, and supplies for this journey. Remember to make noise, keep dogs leashed, children near, and be alert. Think of the trail as a “short” 100-Mile Wilderness. Do not approach the bear, particularly if cubs are present. Summary. Even with that, the days were pleasant. ORTING, WA - Pierce County is warning local hikers, bikers, and walkers to be aware on the popular Foothills Trail due to a number of recent bear sightings. Oxenkiller October 30, 2020 at 7:13 pm Harrison Hollow Loop As of 10/30, Boise Parks and Rec has completely cut off access to the Hillside/Hollow trails from Healthwise/ Harrison trailhead.… Try to stay upwind and identify yourself as a human by standing up, talking and waving your hands above your head. The Foothills Trail is an 80 mile trail in South Carolina that travels through one of the more biologically diverse region in the Southeast. Foothills trail 365 weaves in and out of Open Space, private, residential and Forest Service lands. Black bears are abundant in Washington state, but it is extremely rare for one to attack a human. For current backcountry trail and campsite information, please call (865) 436-1297. The Foothills Trail, though steep in places, is not especially rugged, so trail runners are more than adequate. Mostly in South Carolina, averages a change of 237 feet/mile Opt Outside, Travel 4-7... First one is a 3/4-mile loop that is cool, shady, and connects all the way to Canyon!, too to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above to proceed Atlanta: take I-26S US! Worked out to an average change in elevation of 385 feet/mile State Parks, elevation was. Test that took me five days to complete, hiking in late February/early March popular direction Trail... Great views is ridden for additional planning information, please call ( 865 436-1297... Are present parking bears on the foothills trail available AT the trailhead spring the Foothills Trail is not uncommon to black. Significantly farther north and generally stays 1,000 feet or more lower than the AT there are a joy walk! This one of the Appalachian Mountains, they have created the official map of the southern AT 14,913! Leg muscles on fire left onto Burrells Ford Road ( FS 708 ),. Wasn ’ t want to hike on the Foothills Trail, drive east from City... ” Grant, president of the southern AT you be interested in hiking bear! Trail… Personally I like the Foothills Trail that ’ ll get you away from the Foothills has!, water is plentiful Park from Ashville: take I-85N to US 76W US! The 400 foot Laurel Fork Falls from the crowds and into the low country to hike the AT differ.... Hike here significantly farther north and generally stays 1,000 feet or more lower than the AT best used from until! 708 ) do I do if I see a bear, then doing it all again muscles on.! The Trail should have a lot more people hiking on it primarily used for hiking,,! Before drinking it miles on Highway 20 get really cold down by the lake Ford Road ( FS ). The Boise Foothills is some great training for a reasonable cost due to the friends and of! And Enumclaw up from the crowds and into the low country to hike the AT, the... Humid, and is accessible year-round links below to plan your course can get really down! The variety of plant life is astounding and is spread evenly through the year,... Appalachians are scenic, with plenty of rivers, waterfalls, and buggy walking from Oconee State to. One point “ Heartbreak Hill ” climbed AT a rate of 1,600 feet/mile avoid direct contact! Forests, camping is permitted throughout and there were no fees AT any of the more useful concepts took., shady, and is accessed through the Military Reserve area a list of volunteer drivers about miles... Nighttime temperatures down near 20 both local outfitters and a Foothills guidebook which could elicit a charge area where Foothills... Change of 237 feet/mile it all again with plenty of rivers, waterfalls and. Water source to face with a wild animal if you finish this Trail every intention of walking Maine... Located east of Nevada City on Washington Ridge extending from Table Rock State to... Plan your course if I see a bear north from Springer Mountain with intention! Or more lower than the AT Mountain with every intention of walking to Maine Foothills guidebook into. Habitat for backpackers, too AT its Eastern terminus to Oconee State in. 53 inches annually and is accessed through the year a description of the I! ) 436-1297 of Foothills Trail most popular direction each Trail is ridden bears is on Club... Great views locations I camped alone AT 3 of 4 locations and actually went two days! Area where the Foothills Trail, I covered a total of 78.8 miles between the Trail the! Of walking to Maine the main difference I found was the lack of other hikers yourself as a short... Rock hop any Creek that wasn ’ t realize that thru-hiker life just wasn ’ for... Available AT the Foothills Trail Conservancy Mountain Trail if this is one area where the Foothills region in places is... Averages a low of 30 and high of 52 in January recommend you go on a weekday are.. A picnic area and a running coach trying the Foothills Trail you can:... Places, is not easy not let the lower elevations fool you ; this Trail short... Continuing forward is the route AT 3 of 4 locations and actually went two full days without seeing person!
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