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Share this page: See Also. It had a famous library of 700,000 books. It consists of 10 letters and 5 syllables and is pronounced A-lex-an-dri-a. Definition of Alexandria in the dictionary. History: In 331 B.C., Alexander the Great, on his way to visit the Oracle of Amon seeking divine honors, stopped at the West extremity of the Delta at the isle of Pharos the landing-place of Odysseus (Od. by Alexander the Great; ancient center of learning. He was often called Philo of Alexandria, but he was also known as Philo Judaeus because of his Jewish background. Alexandria is the 653 rd most popular name of all time. al-eg-zan'-dri-a (he Alexandreia). A city in Kentucky, United States and one of the two county seats of Campbell County. The name Alexandria has Fire element.Mars is the Ruling Planet for the name Alexandria.The name Alexandria having moon sign as Aries is represented by The Ram and considered as Cardinal .. Alexandria possessed a library of 700,000 volumes. The name Alexandria has Fire element.Mars is the Ruling Planet for the name Alexandria.The name Alexandria having moon sign as Aries is represented by The Ram and considered as Cardinal .. Variant of Alexandra, influenced by the name of the city in Egypt, founded by Alexander the Great in 322 BC and named in his honor. Philo was Greek-speaking, as were many Jews living in Egypt at that time. As a last name Alexandria was the 68,122 nd most popular name in 2010. Meaning of Alexandria. According to a user from Canada, the name Alexandra is of Greek origin and means "Defender/Protector of man". What Does ALEXANDRA Mean and History? Feminine form of ALEXANDER. What does Alexandria mean? A city, the parish seat of Rapides Parish, Louisiana, United States. It was borne by several early Christian saints, and also by the wife of Nicholas II, the last czar of Russia. He killed Eglon, the king of Moab, and freed the city of Jericho from Moabite rule. ; According to a user from Australia, the name Alexandra … Meaning of Alexander. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. Learn the meaning of Alexandria, origin, popularity and more name info. What is the meaning of the name Aleta? Alexander origin. The name Alexandria is of Greek and English origin. Alexandra is the feminine version of Alexander. Alexandria is pronounced al-ex-an-dri-ya. What do they use in other countries? Sicnd the first time you look at her you can’t stop thinking of her. “YHWH” is formed from the four Hebrew letters yodh/yud, he/hey, waw/vav, and he/hey. ALEXANDRA Name Meaning and History. Alexandria had a significant Jewish population. EHUD אֵהוּד m Biblical, Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew Meaning unknown, possibly related to Hebrew אֶחָד ('echad) meaning "one". Tetragrammaton Pronunciation of YHWH. What is the origin of the name Alexandria? When’s he smiles it lights up the room. What does Alexandria mean? It is an occupational name for a ‘manufacturer’ of any form of goods or a factory owner. Alexandria is a girl's name of Greek origin meaning "defending men". STARTS/ENDS WITH Alex-, -ria The commonly held view that "virgin" is Christian, whereas "young woman" is Jewish is not quite true. Alexandria definition, a seaport in northern Egypt, in the Nile delta: founded in 332 b.c. It was borne by a number of saints, including St Catherine of Alexandria, a 4th century martyr who suffered torture on a spiked wheel. From 1880 to 2018, the Social Security Administration has recorded 98,871 babies born with the first name Alexandria in the United States. Fabrikant. of Alexandria, Alexandrian. A Jewish writer and philosopher who lived in Alexandria, Egypt. Also a place name in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Virginia. She is the same person as you in every way, music, food, even the way she still acts like a kid. Find it here. How to write Alexander in hebrew. Plus discover thousands of other boy and girl baby names. Ezra. More about the name Alexandria: Alexandria (AL-IG-ZAAN-DREE-UH) is a Greek name meaning: “defender of man”.The name Alexandria is a feminine form of Alexander. It was here that the Hebrew Bible was translated into Greek. Information about Alexander. It boasted one of the seven wonders of the ancient world , a giant lighthouse that stood between 393 (120 meters) and 450 feet (137 meters) tall. (2) The Septuagint, translated in Alexandria (3rd to 2nd centuries B.C. A lexandria as a girls' name is of Greek origin. ALEXANDRIA. It was so named in honour of its founder, Alexander the Great of Macedonia. The meaning of the name Alexander. The fact is that the Septuagint, which is the Jewish translation made in pre-Christian Alexandria, takes 'almah to mean "virgin" here. In Greek mythology this was a Mycenaean epithet of the goddess Hera, and an alternate name of Cassandra. Alexandra, The most beautiful girl I’ve met. Yahweh, the god of the Israelites, whose name was revealed to Moses as four Hebrew consonants (YHWH) called the tetragrammaton.. After the Babylonian Exile (6th century bce), and especially from the 3rd century bce on, Jews ceased to use the name Yahweh for two reasons. Alexandria was founded in c. 331 BC by Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia during his conquest of the Achaemenid Empire. But you can write it אלקסנדרה Meaning of Alexandria. From Alexandreia (the city so called); an Alexandreian or inhabitant of Alexandria -- of Alexandria, Alexandrian. Meaning of the name Alexandria: Derived from the Greek Alexandros, a male compound name composed of the elements alexein (to defend, to help) and andros (man). See more. Alexandria is an English name for girls. 1. Feminine form of ALEXANDER. More Names. ), preserves a Hebrew text 1,000 years older than any now known. In biblical literature: The Alexandrian canon. Forms and Transliterations What is the meaning of the name Alethea? The meaning is `protector of the people` The name Alexandria is most commonly given to American girls. Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Alexandria is Mesh and Moon sign associated with the name Alexandria is Aries.. A city in Monroe Township, Madison County, Indiana, United States. These direct references are few, but the influence of Alexandria on the Bible was inestimable. She loves dancing on the grass to her favorite music with someone she loves. Alexandria is the second-largest city in Egypt and a major economic center. In the Old Testament this is the name of one of the biblical judges. It comes from the Hebrew word ‘aven’ or ‘avna’ meaning ‘stone.’ 32. ; A user from Texas, U.S. says the name Alexandra is of Hebrew origin and means "Protector of men". The name Alexandria is in the following categories: English Names, Greek Names, Places Names. Accordingly the New Testament follows Jewish interpretation in Isaiah 7:14. Additionally, the city is the place where the Hebrew Old Testament was translated into the Greek language (called the Septuagint) in the third century B.C. Looking for the meaning of the name Alexandria? ALEXANDRIA Name Meaning and History. Acoording to vedic astrology , Rashi for the name Alexandria is Mesh and Moon sign associated with the name Alexandria is Aries.. Biblical: In the third century B.C.E., Alexander the Great spared Jerusalem from harm. The Old Testament as it has come down in Greek translation from the Jews of Alexandria via the Christian church differs in many respects from the Hebrew … The meaning of Alexandria is "defender of mankind". Alexandria is the 299 ranked female name by popularity. What Does ALEXANDRIA Mean and History? Alexandra is a Greek name, and has no meaning in Hebrew. Girl Name Alexandria and Meaning; Tagged with: Christian, English, American, Greek, Egyptian, French, Australian, British, Hebrew, Danish, Chinese, Latin Alexander the Great founded several cities by this name (or renamed them) as he extended his empire eastward. The most notable of these is Alexandria in Egypt, founded by Alexander in 331 BC. Ezra is a Biblical name and taken from the Hebrew word ‘ezra’ meaning ‘help.’ 33. Alexandria is generally used as a girl's name. Defender of mankind. Hebrew name Alexander. Information and translations of Alexandria in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Name Alexandria Categories. In Alexander's honor, the high priest ordered that all Jewish males born in the city for a year were to be named after the leader. Alexandria was the capital of Egypt. User Submitted Meanings. Meaning: Protector of Man. How many people with the first name Alexandria have been born in the United States? It is called the Tetragrammaton, literally meaning “four letters,” because of this. What does Alexander mean?
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