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Copyright 2019 - value.co.ke . CNN’s Marketplace Africa meets Kenya’s avocado farmers August 28, 2019. A cow should drink 80 to 100 litres of clean water daily. The breed of goat only plays 30% of its milk production. It is easy to clean and able to hold hay and other goat food material. With this, you will need posts, off-cut planks, nails, iron sheets, or the root and rafters or planks for the floor. You will require one hour per day for cleaning, weathering, and feeding and 20 minutes for milking. Feed and water are provided to the goats. View 1 review. Surprised by how fast her herd was multiplying, Wacuka reached out to Dairy Goat Association of Kenya (DGAK) for more training and support in nurturing her goats. Brachiaria/Mulato Grass Production Guide In Kenya (15,247) Ground nuts Farming in Kenya (13,006) How to grow Managu/Nightshade (12,557) Pig Farming In Kenya-How to make your own Pig feed on the farm (11,577) Goat’s milk has much more benefits compared to cow’s milk. Goats in Kenya. Graduate Farmer April 11, 2018. Your passowrd must have atleast 8 character with a mixture of capital Dairy goats require less space - The same space used to keep one cow can be occupied by 6 goats. Where is the best place to setup my apiary? Prior to buying a dairy goat it is important to examine them to eliminate doubts ... 11-07-2020. There are perceptions that goat milk smells different from cow milk,”Karimi explained. Goat cheese is also a niche market that is affected by competition from cow cheese and cultural consumption habits. You need to come to terms with the reality that goats are NOT cows. Farming ideas that will be lucrative in 2021, 3. It can be increased when the cow is lactating. Keeping track of what is happening on the dairy farm requires some records. I'm considering this venture, Very helpful information. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'value_co_ke-box-4','ezslot_3',111,'0','0'])); Whichever construction materials you are using, housing for dairy goats is divided into two:-. Christmas Goats For Sale ... We are selling very quality and strong bucks of the best dairy goats (German Alpine). Whether you are housing your goats for the extensive, intensive, or semi-intensive system of goat farming, the principles remain the same. Consequently the smaller land sizes cannot support dairy cattle, making the dairy goat a better option. When it comes to automated animal-milking, Israel is considered a world-leader. This where the dairy goats will access the feeding troughs, water troughs, and mineral salts. Besides, whichever goat venture you choose also influences the variety of goat that you'll keep. This article puts clarity on a few facts about dairy goat farming and milk production especially the amount of milk a dairy goat produces per day. Goat Farming Cost and Profit: Introduction to Goat Farming Cost and Profit:- Well, in any farming, cost and profit depends on many factors and if somebody gets profits in one kind of business, it does not mean that you can get as well.Goat farming is one of the fastest growing business in India as demand for goat meat (mutton) is increasing. developments and special offers! Their colour ranges from pure white to pure black with various intermixes of roan and speckled brown. Housing for the dairy goats is provided, so as to keep them safe and comfortable at night. Goat milk has no known allergies - Some people, especially children react negatively to cow’s milk. If you are interested in starting dairy goat farming these are the practical steps to follow. The magnesium in Goat milk also contains selenium contents with its function in the human body including prevention of cardiovascular disease, thyroid problems, and cognitive decline, which means disorders related to thinking, cancer and improves on libido. Goats can be kept for their milk and meat, depending on what you are interested in. The trough should be placed in a box, for example, a long plastic container. The sale of goat manure which she claimed is very good for coffee farming, brings in at least Sh8,000. It is all about planning,” says Macharia. Dairy farming in Kenya is a fat cashcow! In the intensive system, mating is controlled, where the farmer can decide which bucks and does mate and the time for mating. Dairy goats are versatile feeders -  Goats will feed on different plants, making it easier for the dairy goat farmer to get them fed, even during droughts. These goats occur throughout East Africa from desert to urban and known in tribal or local names. Which breed of dairy goats should I keep? Kamba says, poor management of dairy goats is one of the main problems facing the dairy goat sub-sector in Kenya. Average farm size is decreasing as plots are sub-divided and farmers in Kenya struggle to find space on their farms to grow subsistence and cash crops as well as keep livestock. If you are interested in starting dairy goat farming these are the practical steps to follow. They also offer training to livestock farmers. Animals are identified by the women and inspected for health by veterinary personnel and KWT team. These include intensive, semi-intensive, and extensive production systems. Pig Farming – Housing August 16, 2018. “I am able to earn as much as Sh20,000 per sale of goats and during the festive season when goats are in demand I can pocket at least Sh100,000,” she explained. “There are other micronutrients like magnesium which is 30 percent more in goats’ milk and is responsible for energy production, protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood glucose control and blood pressure regulation in the human body,” Ngethe said. Advantages of Rearing Dairy Goats. In dairy goat farming, most farmers get in with an exaggerated expectations, especially on daily milk production. How to keep proper dairy records using the DigiCow app. The small land sizes required for their rearing are especially useful in these highly populated areas. Ensure some necessary facilities are available in your selected land. A good goat house helps you conserve goat feed. Youth and a few meat processing businesses are rearing goats for meat. The common breeds of dairy goats in Kenya even though are foreign breeds are: Toggenburg, Boer, Saanen, British Alpine, ... November 10, 2020. Under this system, each goat required 1 square metres of space. Goat Management Practices December 6, 2017. Admin August 25, 2017 Dairy Goat Farming: A lesson Kenyan Farmers can learn from Israel 2017-08-25T17:36:57+00:00 #Trending No Comment. How To Start Poultry and Chicken Farming in Kenya, How to farm strawberries in Kenya in 2021, Complete Guide to Open Field Tomato Farming, Mango Farming Guide - From Planning to Harvest, A Detailed Guide to Bulb Onion farming in Kenya, Complete Guide to Chicken Feed Formulation. The missionary work in East Africa was initiated by District Apostle Michael Kraus from Canada 40 years ago. Half an acre of Napier grass is needed to feed one dairy cow, while the same can feed 5 dairy goats. Choosing the right solar powered irrigation system, The complete guide to growing rosemary for home use and for profit, Potch Koekoek Chicken Breed Characteristics and Management. KARI Improved Kienyeji / Karlo Improved Kienyeji Breed Information and management. Well, today, we will be looking at Dairy farming in Kenya. On our weekly agribusiness segment “smart farm”, our reporter Denis Otieno meets Musa Juma, a livestock farmer based in Kisumu who is cashing in on dairy goat farming. The kids need an area where they can be kept away from their mothers. We will be updating this article to include: Please sign up for our newsletter below to get updated when we do. The goats are able to conserve energy, which can be directed towards milk productioneval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'value_co_ke-medrectangle-4','ezslot_8',110,'0','0'])); Housing for goats is simple and cost-effective. KNA July 17, 2020 Agriculture, Business & Finance, Counties, Editor's Pick, Features, Nakuru 0. The slat system allows for goat droppings to fall on the ground through little spaces on the floor, while the slopped system, the droppings roll over to one end. To make sure the goats get a balanced diet, concentrate feeds and mineral salts are given to the goats. Like his neighbors, Joe used his ancestors’ formulas for creating his goat meal. The does are brought to the bucks for mating. Raka Milk Processors in Nyeri County used to process goat milk into cheese between 2011- 2014, when they had to scale down their operations and now mostly focus on processing cow milk. In Kenya, the population of dairy goats is about 200,000 and 80% of these are reared in Mount Kenya region. Many farmers in Kenya would like to keep dairy … Show all . Leave a Comment Cancel Reply. The intensive system, also known as zero-grazing is a system of keeping goats where the goats are housed. The feeding area is an open roof area because goats need some sun. Yet his love for animals–and specifically goats–brought him back to farming. When Jonathan Kiptum bought two dairy goats to supplement his family’s milk demand, he became a laughing stock in the village. Get directions. However, in 2009 a severe drought struck his community, which depleted fodder materials. According to experts on dairy farming in Kenya, the more a cow feeds on dry matter, the more milk it produces daily. Goat milk is nutritious - Dairy goat milk contains more calcium, phosphorus, and chlorine than cow’s milk, making it a better, more nutritious alternative. You will need mud, posts, rafters for the floor, nails, and grass to act as roof thatch. Call +254 702 723047. 10K likes. These include. Dairy goat farming in Kenya is emerging as a high-return option for Kenyan small-scale farmers. The goal of Value Magazine is to offer beneficial content on agribusiness, value addition, manufacturing, and productivity. The hay store area should be protected from rains, so as to keep the hay dry. “We sell our goat cheese for Sh 1800 per kg due to the high cost of production while imported cheese may sell for Sh1200 to Sh 1500,” Karimi explained. We believe not only in producing but also adding value to the product. Good farm management requires having a good… Read More » Investing Tips. In 2012, Francis Wachira erected a shed on about an eighth of an acre in Nairobi's Maringo Estate next to his rented house to start dairy goat farming. The kid pen area should be able to fit six kids. The goats are left to graze and also are provided for feed and water. A raised floor system with spaces (slats) helps let the droppings fall out of the house. “I believe my six goats earn me more than one cow, and the cost of production is low compared to that of a cow, and with the small size of my land, the goats are economical to keep,” she noted. Get the best insemination service for your dairy... April 9, 2019 . Dairy cows should be fed with approximately 18 kilogrammes of dry matter in a day. Some goat breeds, for example, Toggenburg are known for giving birth to twins. A cow should drink 80 to 100 litres of clean water daily. The bucks, does, and kids are kept in different compartments or houses. Milk production is a major profitable business as a litre fetches up to Ksh 70 in local retail stores. This means a space of 20 by 10 metres can house 200 goats. Goat meat is also widely accepted and consumed around the globe, while the milk demand is steadily rising. Have a superior production capacity than a cow. Out of her 20 goats only six dairy goats are milked daily, with each producing two litres of milk per day. The bucks, does and kids are grazed separately so at to avoid the kids from suckling during grazing and the bucks from mating (to control inbreeding). special characters and numbers. In Kenya, the population of dairy goats is about 200,000 and 80% of these are reared in Mount Kenya region. Tag archives for galla goats for sale in kenya. In Kenya, goat milk production costs less than cow’s milk. Not have sharp-pointed objects that can harm the goat -  this includes protruding nails, iron sheets or sticks. The reasons you should house your goats are to protect them from adverse weather, protect them from predators, protect them from getting sick, controlled mating and breeding, and make it easier to feed them. At her home in Thangathi, Mukurweini Constituency, her one acre farm is a buzz of activity most days as she tends to her goats and the one cow on her property. The goats are easier to feed and one earns more from them. special Milk production on his farm has gone down after the local processor he used to deliver milk to stopped his deliveries. Dairy Goat Farming : Types of dairy goats reared in Kenya . This helps keep the dairy goat house clean and dry, preventing diseases like foot rot that thrive in damp conditions. National Chairman Nutrition Association of Kenya Henry Ngethe said the nutritional value of goat milk is digested better than cow’s milk as it contains less lactose, goat milk contains less of alpha s1 casein protein unlike cow’s milk which is associated with allergic reactions. They provide a quick source of milk for consumption or sale, which has an immense value especially to poor households. Semi-intensive system in dairy goat farming, The reasons you should house your goats are to protect them from adverse weather, protect them from predators, protect them from getting sick, controlled mating and breeding, and make it easier to feed them. They multiply fast, kidding twice a year often producing twin kids. In the underbelly of the sleepy and chilly Sachangwan Location within Molo Sub-County, 12 youthful women are sweating it out on some tiny farm feeding dairy goats. In addition to keeping goats for milk, there are other value-added products such as goat milk yoghurt and cheese. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); The intensive system, also known as zero-grazing is a system of keeping goats where the goats are housed.
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