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6 new daily quests; 1 new weekly quest; 5 new undefined quests ). And not just in BfA areas, I can't see them in Legion areas either. The purpose of this change is to allow players who are new to the game or pet battles to still participate in pet battle world content as well as gain experience for their pets. Category:Pet Battle world quests AQWorlds Wiki » World » Quests » Legion Sigil Pet's Quest Quest Location: N/A Quests Begun From: Legion Sigil Pet (0 AC) Legion Sigil Pet (AC) Legion Sigil Pet (Merge) Legion Sigil Pet Quest (LTs) The day of Darkness is upon us! Follow the guide steps from there. Exciting news for Legion Alpha today -- World Quests will be ready for testing once the patch has been deployed! Pet Battle World Quests Legion introduces a new questing system, World Quests. A Pet Battle world quest is, unsurprisingly, a world quest that involves a pet battle to complete, usually by defeating an NPC battle pet. Quit battle?' TLDR World Quests: Once you've reached level cap (110), you'll have a variety of content to completely daily/weekly (including Pet Battle content! Pets for the strategy chosen by the addon are loaded automatically. Legion Alpha: Pet Battle World Quests Ready For Testing! There are 1-2 pet battle world quests available every day. During pet battle bonus week, it takes only two wins with the Safari hat. We have a general overview of how World Quests work here. Following the release of Battle For Azeroth, pet battle world quests on Kul'Tiras and Zandalar will now scale based on the highest level pet the player has on their team. Then start right-clicking the guide steps until you see the name of the quest you’ve chosen to do. Here's an early overview of the new quests. The undead Legion celebrates the anniversary of Dage the Evil's birthday. New Pet Battle Quests In conjunction with the many pet NPCs and boss pets coming in Legion, there will be new Pet Battle quests to complete. Once you get ahold of the Safari Hat, six wins will get a pet from 1 to 25. Keeping track of Pet Battle World Quests from Legion Alpha. World of Warcraft Pet Battle guides - your one-stop place for strategies to beat all WoW pet battle quests, achievements and opponents! Included as a type of world quest you can do are beating NPC tamers around the Broken Isles. Keep in mind that these might be a work in progress, and more could be planned for the future. My original post on this new feature found here, and an update to World Quests here. #13. 0 comments Open Some Legion World Quest Pet Battles show 'No upgrades are available. I had a friend look for some in the Broken Isles and they were able to see them. N Legion Pet Battle World Quests|N|To use this guide, look on your world map for an active battle pet world quest. The repeatable Legion World Quest trainers are IMO the most convenient way to level that doesn’t rely on Squirt timing. Note: This is a generic sectionstub. I have tried turning off all my addons, restarting the game client, everything I can think of, and I still don't see pet battle world quests on the map. This article concerns content exclusive to Legion. You can help expand it by clicking Edit to the right of the section title.
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