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Time Post Onset: 2.5 yrs. We started the Aphasia Goal Pool in the spring of 2015 as a way to learn from the professional community about strategic goal writing for aphasia. Lingraphica, 103 Carnegie Center, Suite 104, Princeton, NJ 08540 • Toll free: 888-274-2742 . Persons with Global Aphasia can neither read nor write. Global Aphasia is the most severe form of aphasia and is applied to patients who can produce few recognizable words and understand little or no spoken language. Speech-language pathologists should tailor the plan of care to each aphasia patient and his or her goals. “We customize to the individual patient’s needs,” said Susan Wortman-Jutt, MS, CCC-SLP, an advanced clinician at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital in White Plains, New York. “There is not one therapy that works for everybody.” Global Aphasia Tips for Occupational Therapy Practitioners Pay attention to facial expressions, intonation patterns, tone of voice, and gestures. Goal Setting a WAB-R: Western Aphasia Battery—Revised (Kertesz, 2006) b ALA-2: Assessment for Living with Aphasia – 2nd edition (Kagan et al., 2007) c CCRSA: Communication Confidence Rating Scale for Aphasia (Babbitt, Heinemann, Semik, & Cherney, 2011) Health Condition: Broca’s aphasia post … The damage is extensive and often occurs to both Wernicke’s and Broca’s area of the brain. The Aphasia Goal Pool. Global aphasia is a severe form of nonfluent aphasia, caused by damage to the left side of the brain, that affects receptive and expressive language skills (needed for both written and oral language) as well as auditory and visual comprehension. A patient with global aphasia will experience difficulty with speaking and comprehending language. Patients with global aphasia may be able to utter automatic or stereotypic responses (e.g., “yes” and “no”) but do so unreliably. Although people with global aphasia can improve, the rate and extent of improvement really depend on the severity of the brain damage (NAA, 2017). 10/30/2013 5 For this presentation: The criterion for considering an aphasia treatment evidence-supported was that there was a published review or similar publication It is when the stroke affects a large section of the front and back areas of the left hemisphere. 1 Goal Bank The following are sets of goals to use when working with your clients. Chronic aphasia due to left perisylvian damage Aphasia Types • 19 Anomic (many evolved) • 13 Broca’s 1 Global • 9 Conduction 5 Wernicke’s Mean Age: 59.1 yrs. Global aphasia is the most severe of all aphasia subtypes, with significant impairments across all aspects of language, namely impaired speech, comprehension, repetition, naming, reading, and writing. These can provide a great deal of information about how a person with global aphasia is feeling or what they might be trying to communicate. Aphasia Quotient: 63.4 Acquired impairments of communicative abilities are present across all language modalities, impacting language production, comprehension, and repetition. Global Aphasia: Global aphasia is the most severe form of all the aphasia types. Global Aphasia. It is most commonly seen right after someone experiences a stroke. Over the first 34 months, we asked speech-language pathologists to send us examples of goals they were using in their practice. The affected person has a severely limited capacity for reading, writing, and speaking.
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