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"Here ya go, Zel!" It hurts my heart to see Zeldris getting lost in the illusions and how distressed that Meliodis is over how little he can help his little brother. [13] I wished they did show a child of their’s, for now have this lil idea to quench our thirst. Being the only child of the king, she had the right of sitting next to him in the place of honor. Zeldris fell in love with a vampire named Gelda who also fell for him the two kept their relationship secret mainly from the Demon King who thinks emotions such as love is meaningless. Mel: “Gelda, Zeldris needs you. the two turn to see a woman with blond hair that covers one of her eyes wearing a dark red outfit carrying a woman on her shoulders with one arm. The Ace: He's strong enough to fell giants, durable enough to take fatal blows like they were paper cuts, fast enough to block and dodge nearly any attack and clever enough to anticipate sneak attacks. Demon King gonna come back again, in his third child's body(not introduced in the story yet) Well, there's always Mael... 2019-08-23, 19:21 ... With Zeldris and Gelda fighting inside and Meliodas plus the rest of the Sins outside, this should be a cake walk. Only a fool wouldn't notice the fatherly love to relieve their child … They then find Zeldris and Gelda is standing in front of him. Griamore's facial appearance has a striking resemblance of his father Dreyfus minus the beard. In the kingdom of Liones, Meliodas tells Elizabeth that he still remembers the expression that Zeldris and Gelda made when they found out that a child would be born from the union of a member of the clan of the demons and the clan of the goddesses. Yet the DK had a second child who while strong was inferior to Mel. one day the two took their further in doing so they ended up having a baby boy who has his father's black hair as it was also in a similar style to his while the boy's eyes of that of his mother's. !” 3000 years since you and Meliodas betrayed your race and position in the 10 commandments. He muttered a quiet acknowledgement as he supported the child upright. !” “In the spirit world where attacks are voided, the key to rescuing Zeldris is Gelda! Summary: When Zeldris is stationed with the Vampire Clan, he meets Gelda, the king's daughter. Did the Demon King order his son to dispose of the Vampires knowing that Zeldris has a relationship with Gelda? #harem You'd think that Zeldris was strong enough before with his Ominous Nebula and Magic Resistance. Gelda, a royal member of the vampire clan, has yet to make an appearance in the anime, but us fans have hope yet.Meliodas' demonic brother Zeldris and Gelda have long cared for each other, but this love does not blossom to fruition. .slide-info h3 span { font-size: 16px; .woocommerce form .form-row .required { visibility: visible; } display: block; display: block; font-weight: 600; content: "\f3c5"; Zeldris was tasked with killing the vampire clan, but instead of that he sealed the clan away for Gelda. } Btw does anyone know any good Geldris fanfictions? Gelda Torreda Tuale is on Facebook. Gelda catches his insult and mimes gagging dramatically in Zeldris’ direction. one day the two took their further in doing so they ended up having a baby boy who has his father's black hair as it was also in a similar style to his while the boy's eyes of that of his mother's. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works A/n: like this just remove the Hellsing emblem. Gelda knew this, but she did not believe it was because of any sense of familial love. } border-radius: 10px; Demon About last month, Zeldris had gotten him a pet. } !” Mel uses his special attack to defeat the fake Zeldris. ???? All collages are tagged so that is also a way to find all my other collages. The only way to defy her is through their voices, rescue Zeldris from the spell! Baby Gelda x Zeldris. Chapter 1: the Princess meets the Sin of Wrath and Vampires, son of Zeldris Seven Deadly Sins harem x male reader. the person woke up as they get up the three look to see who it is as Zeldris immediately recognized the person. But Zeldris realizes the truth of the Demon King's succession as he is mortally wounded helping the Deadly Sins save Meliodas from the Demon King's possession. It is also why she suspected he went through with all of this ridiculousness. I Demon/Vampire child would be so cute! But, Zeldris and Gelda love perplex Mel until he found Elizabeth. Kagashira. 2. hopefully that will be safe enough for him but I'm not fond of having him be alone. Lancelot - Child of Ban and Elaine Gawain - Reincarnation of Escanor Either Merlin again or maybe Merlin's new student who trains under Merlin to learn any magic. . Meliodas seemingly granted her wish and killed the vampire in a massive burst, that resulted in a hole 30,000 feet deep in the earth, but Meliodas actually sealed her again. Izraf did not want Gelda to marry and leave his kingdom. Gelda: Seras Victoria? Reactions: Gut's is the man , BurlapJack , Kimoho and 1 other person beamed Meliodas, thrusting a small child into his younger brother's arms. . Zeldris was able to sacrifice his relationship with Gelda for duty. I also saw some of the commandments there. “Zel…is right there.” “The one confronting them in the spirit world is the fake Gelda!! but when the ten commandments get released from their seal a certain command... #fanfiction When Gelda manages to identify the real Zeldris, the Demon King controls the fakes to attack her before she releases him. Wait for you (Zeldris x OC) by Cool guy cal 396K 11.5K 81 It's been 3000 years since the demon clan had been sealed away. Join Facebook to connect with Gelda Torreda Tuale and others you may know. But before that, just one thing. #xmalereader. Gelda/Zeldris (Nanatsu no Taizai) Meliodas/Elizabeth Liones - Freeform; Set post-final manga battle and pre-epilogue; so mild manga spoilers for anime only watchers; Summary. as time passed they … We will definitely defeat the demon king this time!! I’m starving over here ;-; Honestly this has become one of my favourite pairs in all of anime.... Baby Gelda x Zeldris. Zel falls into Gelda and then says to … as time passed they managed to keep their son who they named Y/n away from the war that was happening between the races but now Zeldris is ordered by his father to eliminate the Vampire clan which also include his lover and son. By CrisZeldris1 Watch. what are you doing here and whose that your carrying? "Careful, there, Zel, don't want to hurt your back~" sang Ban, pushing the boy back up as his head spun. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the world more open and connected. #sevendeadlysins Meliodas and Elizabeth were destined to be together, but the romance between Diane and King was in the air. Revealing her story to the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Gelda wishes to die, knowing that there's no purpose left for her in this world anymore since Zeldris is gone. Zeldris is mine.” The fake ones attack Gelda but Mel protects her. Seras: *gently puts the person down* I was just heading to you to check on you and your son *looks at Zeldris* I see your here too sir Zeldris. Gelda whirled around, eyes widening as she defeated her opponent with a blast and rushed over to the the boy's sword, glancing around wildly as an incessant meow distracted her from finding the black-haired boy. I accept collage requests, information can be found on there too. Shocked, he stumbled backwards, colliding painfully with another person. Jan 9, 2020 - Explore indira vermeer's board "Zeldris" on Pinterest. A/n: hello my fellow readers now before this story begins I'm going to be adding Rajine to the harem now if you guys think I shouldn't add her to the harem please let me know to the reason why I should change my mind of her in the harem in the comments let the prologue begin. A passion ignites between them that threatens to bring down the uneasy alliance between Demons and Vampires. in the past 3000 years before the Demon King ordered his youngest son Zeldris to eliminate the vampire clan. The child-like King ... Zeldris gives them to Meliodas after his brother promised to use his power as Demon King to revive the vampire Gelda whom Zeldris developed feeling for. The child of The Demon King and The Supreme Goddess, making her half sister of both Meliodas, and the original Elizabeth. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works She hates following his lead just as severely, biting her lip as she silently ruminates a plan. ^^ Reply. Grew up to fill in expectations from the entire clan and especially his father after his golden child ran off and the other was not sufficient to fill the gap of the heir. I love how Nanatsu no Taizai ignores the fact that the dude is usually taller than the girl sometimes, cause we get moments like this: Zeldris and Meliodis love and care about each other so much, it's precious. Gelda: Zeldris....what are we going to do about Y/n? Meliodas and Zeldris Destiny brotherhood-NNT Ep313. Last time it was just Ban outside and Meliodas inside and they still managed to do it. See more ideas about seven deadly sins anime, seven deadly sins, 7 deadly sins. one time you were traveling and ran into Meliodas who you joined on his adventures. you are Y/n for all your life from when you were very young you never knew your parents. "Imagination Transformation: Cat," his opponent narrowed her eyes, Zeldris' eyes widening as his sword clattered to the ground. *shudders* I'm sure anyone with … Apr 30, 2020. I'm sure Gelda's gonna be an even better aunt. ... (Which actually doesn't make sense. Gelda and Zeldris celebrate the beginning of their second chance at life together. Written for the color prompt "red" for the nntspectrumzine! 94 Favourites. Image Gallery I will leave him to you!” “Zel! Meliodas couldn't yet Demon King still chooses him over Zeldris. Do to him not wanting to gain all that power. The Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath of the Gods (七つの大罪 神々の逆鱗, Nanatsu no Taizai: Kamigami no Gekirin) is an anime television series sequel to Revival of The Commandments.The new series was animated by Studio Deen instead of A-1 Pictures and premiered on October 9, 2019. #nnt #nanatsu no taizai #the ten commandments #gelda #zeldris #estarossa #galand #melascula #drole #gloxinia #derieri #monpeet #gowther #grayroad #fraudrin #ludociel #mael #sariel #tarmiel #ask #anonymous #i can't believe I actually looked for percy jackson lore for this Zeldris: for him to be save I'm going to put him in a temporary seal for 3000 years. But when the man starts off, creeping through the wilds she can’t help but appreciate the way his body moves. Zeldris, inexplicably, is … One would think that vampires and demons get along, but one would be wrong, for the demon king disapproves of this relationship. #zeldris x gelda #zeldris #nanatsu no taizai also the person I brought was one of the few demons that were bring held hostage by archangels while one didn't seemed to be a part of I was only able to save this one. Given how Zeldris is a good century and half younger then Mael. : then why don't you send us with him in the seal? Meliodas is the DK first child and was a monster and prodigy with few equal. 10 Comments. The only thing that would make sense is if Mael was younger than Zeldris considering that Meliodas hadn't met Elizabeth and Zeldris and Gelda were already lovers. Demon King Zeldris has an estimated power level of around 750,000. I don't write lemons, or limes, or … #malereader A/N: So here's the thing. Scrap the above, that was just a mistranslation. In this World Meliodas doesn't lose his emotions every time he is killed he simply lives forever Do to the Demon King cursing him while He names Zeldris and Gelda the Successors to the Throne as King and Queen. Zeldris fell in love with a vampire named Gelda who also fell for him the two kept their relationship secret mainly from the Demon King who thinks emotions such as love is meaningless. There Dad is still rocking the Worst Father Ever award, which sucks. Zeldris tells him he has business with Meliodas and requests that his father leave the place. Unknown name - Child of King and Diane Unknown name - Child of Zeldris and Gelda (Don't know if they have a child or not, and if Zeldris's child can join the new SDS or not) However, Meliodas shields her and with the use of her Kami Chigiri, destroys the false ones and frees Zeldris. Later, Griamore is shown wearing a regal Holy Knight attire. Other collages can be found on my collage masterpost page. I wished they did show a child of their’s, for now have this lil idea to quench our thirst. A fighters rough hands aren’t good for making flower crowns.
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