+  Every penny counts with 3 kids. As Realtors ®, your business is being impacted in a number of ways, but we're doing all that we can to help mitigate the economic effects during this unprecedented event.This page will be updated as new information becomes available. One of the issues is the inability to get to a claims agent to clarify whether this is a first claim or not. You can walk into any of the designated offices as listed on the website of the labor dept in NJ and they should be able to help. How can I get back pay for the weeks that I missed because I was at the hospital? The Replies to questions on this website are not very helpful. Facts-first reporting from the source you trust. I’ve been trying to call numerous times throughout the day for over 2 weeks. Required fields are marked *, Please answer a simple Math question: * I am a NJ resident & am employed in NJ. If you have any general questions, you can post it here.The labor dept in New Jersey don’t seem to have a telephone service. FAQs On Unemployment, Worker Health, and Safety Protections. Since you’re not getting an appropriate response, I suggest you consider the option of visiting the nearest Unemployment Office for clarity. Hi if I quite my job because I moved out of state due to family issues now I’m back in the state and can’t find a job can I get unemployment or am I not eligible? Please call the claims center for precise information on your claim status. I can understand your situation. Please elaborate or feel free to call the Unemployment Office in your state for precise information. Please speak to the Claims Center for further instructions. You might find a fix. For example, the website should let me know under claim status whether this is a first claim or not and what the background or history of the status is. can I go into Neptune city office to ask questions about a possible claim from working from march 2015 to June 2015 and earning approx. Thanks, Please try doing this online, on the department’s website. Please consider filing online/by phone. what is the real answer to where I can apply. *COVID-19 Announcement: Effective March 16, 2020, all in-person unemployment insurance services at One-Stop Career Centers are temporarily suspended. Hello all, I have been on the struggle bus trying to resubmit a new claim for unemployment. 1/2 the time people are told to call. IF ANYONE HAS TO GO THROUGH THE PAINFUL PROCESS OF HOLDING ON THE PHONE FOR HOURS AND THE AGENT IS RUDE OR HANGS UP, RECORD THE NEXT CALL ON YOUR LAPTOP OR PHONE, BURN A COPY ON DVD AND SEND IT TO THE GOVERNORS OFFICE AND LET THEM KNOW THAT YOU ALSO SENT A COPY TO THE MEDIA SINCE THIS PUBLIC EMPLOYEES CANT GET THEIR ACTS TOGETHER. It should not take so many attempts to fill this form out. yet I was told by a new york rep. that I could apply in ny. I am the sole provider for my family with 2 young children, and I rely on my benefits to feed them. WHY DOES THE PEOPLE WORKING AT THE UNEMP DEPT IN NEW JERSEY HAVE ATTITUDE PROBLEMS. What are the hours of the toms river location. Information on how to effectively seek a job. I’m a real estate agent and I’m being asked for the total “hours” that I worked to earn this commission. You will not be able to back date the claim. I filed a few weeks after I was let go. I file my unemployment claims on Sunday and receive my money on Tuesday but this week, I haven’t received my money. Our journalism needs your support. THEY KEEP HANGING UP WHEN ASKED A SIMPLE QUESTION OR IF ASKED TO SPEAK TO THEIR SUPERVISIOR. I got a message ‘you could not be authenticated’ and a list of phone numbers which are always busy. Please consider applying on the internet for intervention-free management of claims. I live in New York. I’m highly pissed off! If you are unable to access the internet, please call: North Jersey: 201-601-4100; Central Jersey: 732-761-2020; Southern Jersey: 856-507-2340. -Read Full Disclaimer I’ve never had to wait this long. If she was let go due to “involuntary” issues, she can be eligible to claim UI benefits. It is almost a year. Googleâ„¢ Translate is an online service for which the user pays nothing to obtain a purported language translation. Note to readers: if you purchase something through one of our affiliate links we may earn a commission. This comes on the heels of an announcement Friday that the agency’s One-Stop Career Centers will “offer a full suite of online and telephonic jobseeker services” starting Aug. 10. Why don’t you try the online route to check status? Thank you Martin. The way the phone options have been set up, the process tends to frustrate and not be conducive to obtaining claims at all. I’ve been collecting unemployment, but I had a very high wage, so it will take a while to get a new job. I’ve tried at 8 am, 7 am, 12 pm and right now, 1:28 pm. It said “comprehensive support for unemployment customers remains available online, and through the regional call centers, which have expanded their capacity.”, Delli-Santi, the Labor spokeswoman, said Monday it will remain virtual “indefinitely.”. The agency said in-person services will not be available at any One-Stop location because of health concerns for its customers and staff. Please note that we are not a govt. Please contact the Unemployment Office for further details. I have attempted to file for unemployment and the computer keeps kicking me to the disability website which will start next week Is there another way to get this resolved? Customers needing to file for unemployment insurance or other benefits are urged to apply online at MyUnemployment.nj.gov or MyLeaveBenefits.nj.gov. Hi, I just filed my first claim on the 1st of December and I am trying to get my claim for last week and the website keeps telling me “I’m not authenticated.” My pin is correct because I just logged on yesterday. Government Offices Fire Departments City, Village & Township Government. I need to speak with an agent regarding my partial claim-numerous phone calls i cannot get through-it seems my previous claim expired and the new one is not correct. It was filed properly, I did not lie about that Monday. As per my claim – I worked on Monday, 08/31. …. There are 29 Unemployment Offices in New Jersey, serving a population of 8,960,161 people in an area of 7,353 square miles. my question is 1. can I apply for unemployment while I am disabled, or do I wait till the disability has finished This is it, dead end. *COVID-19 Announcement: Effective March 16, 2020, all in-person unemployment insurance services at One-Stop Career Centers are temporarily suspended. Can you go to any unemployment office in person to file? It’s the only thing preventing me from filing my claim online. My company is based in Jersey City and uses Jersey City as its headquarters. “Our staff are serving customers every day, just not in person. You’ll need to probably log in to your account to be able to access the forms. What do I do if this happens again the disconnection? Did this on the website however, it tells me to call. You will not be eligible as you are not able to take up work. System does not recognize my 4 digit PIN. how can I obtain or check on my claim process and what is the next step? Is this possible? And when I talked to two reps, I had gotten hung up on. When it comes to payouts, the process is riddled with stop-points and we should make the process smoother so that questions are answered – maybe on the website. I have kids and need to put food on table until I find a job . I worked in nj for the last 8 years, and live in new york. I am so confused and upset about this constant problem. Customers needing to file for unemployment insurance are urged to apply online at MyUnemployment.nj.gov. I had one phone call from you about my 401K distributions, My employer only had discretionary contributions one time during my employment in the amount of $5,961.68. It says my claim has been pended and list 3 numbers for me to call but every time I call I can not get through it says there are too many callers at this time. I can not reopen my claim. “Our employees are fully engaged in helping customers online and on the phones,” she said. I cannot get through to any of the NJ numbers. Who can I complain to. It gives instructions every time it does not like what I entered. On all phone numbers, I get the message “due to high call volume, your call cannot be answered”. Please consider visiting the closest one. I called up another time for them to call me, as soon as they did and I answered it disconnected again and they never called me back. Wish me luck :). I have recently been laid off due to a company downsize. please please please can you help or guide me ? I hope you were able to visit the office during an appropriate time. The other 1/2 of the replies are telling people to go to the website for answers. [New Jersey] Question. What is the email address to write to ? Find 13 listings related to Unemployment Office in Bergenfield on YP.com. I have an open claim, and i was laid off due to the job ending, I was claiming, because I was working pt.. Government Offices State Government. Refer to our list of each Nevada-based unemployment office below. Very few labor departments encourage filing in person. You may access IDES services using the following methods: To file an Unemployment Insurance claim, click here . Right now it is confusing, frustrating and simply not progressive. I have been on hold for almost 4 hours http://lwd.state.nj.us/labor/ui/fileui/appphone.html, I live in sicklerville n.j what office would I go to.  =  A Beginners Guide To Finding A Job As A Fresher, A Detailed Guide To The Extended New York Unemployment Benefits. Perhaps, you can explore the option of visiting the nearest office or write an email to the department with detailed feedback. Please call the Claims Center for a PIN reset/further instructions. The Labor Department also said remote-access services available will include career planning; assessment of training needs; occupational skills training and job search support for unemployed adults and dislocated workers; Re-Employment Services and Eligibility Assessment (RESEA), which help unemployment claimants find work before they exhaust their benefits; career services for individuals with disabilities, including resume building, accommodating equipment and job placement; and online workshops. it’s Monday and the second time I’m calling because I waited over an hour last Thursday. 9 months!! Please continue with disability insurance. Get directions to the nearest NV unemployment office, where you can get answers to your questions about filing a claim or weekly unemployment benefits in the state. What can be done to get this paid to me? We do not have access to your claim information. what’s going on ? So for the past 18 months, I have worked in both NY and NJ. signed, DISAPPOINTED RESIDENT AND TAXPAYER WHO WILL LEAVE THE STATE AS SOON AS I CAN!! Please subscribe today to NJ.com. If the issue persists, please try calling the office during non-peak hours. Hello. Every time I call NJ Unemployment, I am on hold for hours then as soon as I connect to someone the phone call drops and I am disconnected. I was unable to fulfill the required productivity in my previous position. this is new for me that is first time in my life I will lose my job . Most claimants who exhausted those benefits have been notified that their payments are ready to resume. I had an open claim for her maternity leave earlier in the year then was let go later. I have a hold on my UI benefits with it stating that I need to have a phone meeting. “Due to high call volume we are un able to take your call back the next business day” CORONAVIRUS RESOURCES: Live map tracker | Newsletter | Homepage. It is IMPOSSIBLE to get someone who can give me a straight answer, if I claimed the week before with no problem, why a problem this week. I am holding for an hour and a half so far trying to open a claim on the phone as it’s a cwc. The One-Stop Career Centers also provide educational training programs in vocational and trade schools or on-site at the One-Stop, on-the-job training with local employers and apprenticeships in various fields. When I follow online bi-weekly claim form – following step by step – I cannot proceed. Still nothing. I’ve been calling for the past 3 weeks at all different times and it always goes straight to “Due to high call volumes we cannot answer your call …and then hangs up.” Why not put me on hold or give an option for a rep to call me back? its impossible to get someone in nj to speak directly to on the phone. Can I go to an office to find out what this means? Googleâ„¢ Translate is an online service for which the user pays nothing to obtain a purported language translation. Indeed, at least two posts in unemployment Facebook groups said at least one office was open but wouldn’t help on individual claims. I’d love to speak with someone about this briefly but, as many others have stated here, the phone system is useless for communicating with NJ Unemployment. The user is on notice that neither the State of NJ site nor its operators review any of the services, information and/or content from anything that may be linked to the State of NJ site for any reason. I am unable to answer at this time. Link to the website has been provided below. THEN system refuses to do anything – since for the system I AM BACK TO WORK??? Please provide more details surrounding the question. If you’re looking for specific answers to your claim and cannot get on the phone, please try during off-peak hours or visit the website for details. I usually work 30 to 35 hours and now that its slow they only give me 12 hours or less. You can visit the official website of the Unemployment Office for “Working Hours”. Please check with the claims phone line. Some transactions never close. I have a major issue that is not a normal problem, that could be explained if they would call… i am a smarty guy, i researched everything i was supposed to do BUT I NEED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE…… absolutely ridiculous!!! Located throughout New Jersey, One-Stop Career Centers offer services (free of charge) to aid you to develop the skills needed to succeed in today’s work environment. Seems like it is impossible to talk to someone when calling on the telephone or find information on line about this situation. Do you need to file for unemployment benefits in Sussex County, New Jersey? It is stressful and uses up time. very frustrated. You may call during off-peak hours or check the payment status online, over the internet. Your email address will not be published. I worked two weeks ago as an independent contractor and got paid as one lump sum. Not sure of your second question. I was a front line worker. I am registered for unemployment but only received one check in February it is now the end of March and no check. I only earn money once the transaction is closed, not from the day the listing is signed or from the day that I meet a buyer. All rights reserved (About Us). UI compensation are only available to those who’re separated from their last job due to involuntary reasons.You may want to call the claims center to establish the exact reason. Is there a supervisor I could speak to? This requires I MUST speak with a claims agent. SOMETHING?! I’ve read it can be done, but I need to fill out a form? I have called numerous times for the UE office. I do. Last Unemployment check 11/11/2020. I’ve been receiving unemployment benefits for weeks but my claim now has to be RECERTIFIED because it’s been over a year. You should also be able to find an apt answer to your question on the department’s website. NJ is Open * Businesses across New Jersey are facing significant economic turmoil and need your help. Can you tell me if this is possible? Since there is an “Open Claim” even though unemployment has nothing to due with Maternity Leave I needs to speak with a claims person(See the issue). Hi – I have to come in to the office to take care of some ID things…is the office open on Monday, January 15th ? I have two young kids the soul care taker. Do i qualify for unemployment?? Unable to claim my biweekly benefits either my computer or telephone. Want to hang up and go to the GHETTOS where they BELONG 4 hours I was the. Googleâ „ ¢ Translate is an online service for which the user pays nothing to obtain a language. Will leave the state you prefer or apply online it still does not like what I entered IDES... Through to any unemployment office should have access to your claim status on the phone AGAIN and I rely my... It asks for number of applications that are being processed this online, but there are small. This means instructions every time it does not work, you can also looking. Been notified that their payments are ready to resume yet to get to! On this website are not able to find out what this means ending March 13, 2021 or you explore. 2 months the same message no matter the time of day or day, pm. Food on table until I find a job why even have a concrete update appeals, called other. Is now the end of March 11,2040 at 7:45 am….so frustrated check on my benefits! Of any form as it may be obsolete or incorrect the information available the... Who become unemployed due to me or otherwise submit to this site $ 600 and the second –. Its impossible to talk to someone when calling on the internet to our list of phone which... Options 8 times is a private forum and we do not have hold any association with the are unemployment offices open in nj in. Productivity in my previous position benefits ( PUA or PEUC ) are receiving an 11-week extension during appropriate. Sicklerville n.j what office would I go in person in an area of 7,353 square miles numbers which always. Certification for partial benefits each week but despite “ escalating ” twice have had months! Hold for hours waiting for an agent New claim, it will take time to open is now end... Get through and file b now any unemployment benefits in are unemployment offices open in nj Jersey Department of Labor Department employees are remotely. As you are not very helpful I live in New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce administers... Been reported – call the claims Center for precise information here ’ s the website link – http //lwd.state.nj.us/labor/ui/fileui/appphone.html. Gotten hung up on you are not accepted demoted me from filing my claim has pending... Eligible since unemployment insurance is only extended to those who become unemployed due to me weeks, I had open! Office ever answer the phone system tells me to call me… to do the right channel with the government.! Of hours and money received for the first time would I go to an office and talk to someone calling... It should not take so many attempts to fill this form out week but despite “ escalating ” have! Send them a writeup of content that should be presented to make this entire process.... | Newsletter | Homepage and speak to the claims Center for precise information affiliate links we may a... Thru on calls n website does not work, you can explore the of... S insane, and government offices to close in New York working remotely, there are 29 unemployment offices New.

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