At around 5500k, the color is pretty much what we see at noon on a sunny day. The quality of the pictures displaying your products is incredibly important. 1. If you want to show something is huge, then your camera ought to be positioned low and pointing up. Camera. Also, there are limited places where a scale model can be shown off and many modellers would only feel comfortable if their models were safe behind glass in a sturdy display case and that is quite an investment. In my opinion, for product photography it is best to use one of these three for the two most common types of product photography: solid wall studio or lifestyle. If you’re not too familiar with Photoshop, here’s a DIY guide to editing product images. Sometimes, brands want to add a lot of background noise which takes away from the product and confuses the consumer. When it comes to product photography, lighting is crucial to making … Size is one of the most important characteristics of good product photography. 8. Don’t believe that’s it’s as simple as always shooting on the same camera. Having this gear from the get-go will save a lot of time and hassle. The lighting. To take that a step further, you can show your product's size and scale through model photos. Sometimes this message may not surpass the pure aesthetic enjoyment in each piece, but even in these circumstances, scale is carefully decided on. The image stays the same size, but the product within the image becomes smaller. Meeting product photography deadlines is a big concern for e-commerce companies. The image must be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and smooth edges. We’re creating the impression of different sizes rather than creating perfectly proportionate scale. This is much more customer friendly: Do this. This means they should have a set room / space for the product photography with a consistent background, lighting, and shooting equipment. Trust is incredibly valuable in the uber competitive eCommerce world: Adobe reports that 40% of eCommerce revenue comes from repeat purchasers, who represent only 8% of all visitors. For just the product lifestyle shots, the widest aperture / lowest f-stop is best to make sure that the product is the absolute centre of attention. As the scale climbs, the light gets progressively bluer. Read on to learn how to photograph products on a small business budget. Fortunately, digital asset management solutions like MerlinOne make it easier for photographers, e-commerce companies, and creative teams to manage the thousands of photos, other images, and content required to successfully operate an online retail store. Keep those working for you. So what do you do when you have small, medium, and large sizes of different products? So, just how does an e-commerce brand achieve this? My advice to e-commence companies looking to scale their product photography would be to start outsourcing all post production. Joe Josland. Place your product against white surfaces and use a soft overhead light. Get the Product Photography Lighting Right. Scale and proportion in art are both concerned with size. Even so, many beginner photographers don’t seem to understand what they show. But using texture or interesting backgrounds will make your product stand out and keep your brand recognizable. Get insight into product photography, post-production, and eCommerce product image best practices. Macro Photography How to take close-up pictures of small things, by Philip Greenspun. The biggest issue for us was…”. “Consistency and cost are the most important factors for companies looking to scale quality product photography…”. hbspt.cta.load(4789703, '705f3fcc-8095-4ac6-a003-9cf01c04c58d', {}); Tags:e-commerce product photography, scale quality product photography. Product photography is an art form - there are many components and each one has to be technically proficient - styling, lighting, shooting, retouching. Keep lighting and environment, or the background, consistent. There are hundreds of product photography tools to help you get the job done yourself, though. Life is a balancing act, and your photography website is no exception. Q&A for Work. Needless to say that was a HUGE job, and speed and efficiency was paramount. Research points that 80 % of visual appeal is important in comparison to written content. The right customer for your brand, one who prefers that style, will be more drawn to your photos. Make sure you’re able to stick to your brand’s aesthetic, and keep the focus on the type of audience you’re trying to attract. “When it comes to e-commerce photography services…”. Exploring how scale in art influences viewing experience through examples, we will see that artists’ decisions on the scale of their works are based on the represented motifs, cultural traditions and the message they are trying to convey. You can even tell a story with your model shots. Plus, you’ll get much faster and higher quality results by having an actual photographer do it. It is an entire business on its own and can be tough to balance. The most important consideration that e-commerce companies need to keep in mind for scaling product photography is consistency and organization. 288 - How to Scale a Brand on Sourced Whiskey with McCauley Williams, CEO of Big River Distilling. If you are creating an indoor studio, whether temporary or permanent, you will need to have a good and consistent lighting for the best portraits. And of course, now we can do about a dozen pictures in a little over an hour. When it comes to product photography for e-commerce companies, scalability is key. It’s important to use a nice camera. These rulers were designed to give the photographer and the developer the ability to have a scale for small items that need a clear scale for development. Using a white frosted storage tub on it's side with a piece of white paper inside and some lights on either side you get a pretty clean file … Leave some white space (margin) below the bottom line to allow a little breathing room for your product; we recommend something in the neighborhood of seven to ten percent. It encompasses everything from stunning product shots, to lifestyle imagery designed to bring your brand or product to life in context. A permanent miniature studio where fixtures stay in place is the first step. Other products or objects are allowed to help demonstrate the use or scale of product. alignment standards, it’s fairly easy to adjust your product size in Photoshop. Follow this step-by-step guide to sizing your product images. While seemingly redundant, as all photography could be considered content, content photography is created specifically to engage or inform a brand’s audience. Watch and learn the pros and cons of each option and how to get started. “The key to scaling quality product photography is to maintain consistency…”. How to scale an image. Keep It Steady. Beginning from your existing specs will help you maintain consistency across your site. Whether to have a studio in-house or outsource to professionals. Learn how to setup a 3D product model in 3ds Max for photorealistic rendering in V-Ray that is compatible with WebRotate 360. I’m going to be upset if I place an order and don’t get what I expected. It was almost like a one day boot camp. How do you do it? (Don’t forget to create a brand bible and style guide.) (For instance, on Etsy, you can add up to 10 photos per listing. Beauty creates a positive impression, guide to consistently aligning your product images, low pricing and a 24 hour or less turnaround. The algorithm is simple. This could be a wall, the ceiling, an item of clothing, or a sheet of paper or card. 40,350. The default name of the folder is the date that the image was photographed. Basically, you don’t want to sacrifice your brand recognition for higher quantity. Take a scale shot. 10 Tips for Writing a Professional Photographer ‘About Me’ Page . Learn more about how to list items on Etsy.) While resizing, remember to maintain that bottom alignment for every size. That has a bigger SEO value than the image file name, but both are important. Parallel lines in an image fool the brain into believing that they are moving … Using the same photographer though for consistency in the images will be key (same lens, angle, background, resolution, editing style, etc.). Depending on the complexity of the brief I need about 30 minutes to retouch a photo in Photoshop. Second, not all products are created equal. Select an existing image in your Media Library or Upload a new one. “Quality product photography I would say is…”. Put up a white backdrop, shine a light, take a photo, and move on. The change between the original and the scaled drawing is generally represented by two numbers separated by a colon, like 10:1 (read as “ten to one”). “Most people might think the camera used is the most important, but really, it’s not…”. We suggest using the same amount of top margin as bottom margin, for consistency’s sake. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. The Product Image is the main image for your product and is reused in different sizes across your store. Use Multiple Angles. We're here to answer all your questions! We all know a picture is worth 1,000 words and consumers have shorter attention spans than ever, meaning your visuals MUST capture them in order to get them to convert. Products that are translucent, transparent, or reflective are usually much more challenging. Close revolutionalized photorealism by expaanding the scale of his work to an enormous size. Content photography is needed on a regular, ongoing and consistent basis. “Being a platform that serves e-commerce businesses, the biggest consideration we see is…”. Now you have a content problem. hbspt.cta.load(4789703, 'f75613b6-5338-431e-bdf9-824791845991', {}); “When e-commerce companies are looking to scale quality product photography, I always recommend that…”. Because product photos drive sales, take advantage of as many opportunities as you have to show your product from every angle. Teams. Our goal isn’t to create images that someone with a magnifying glass and ruler could examine and declare perfectly scaled. This is what the aperture scale looks like (not to scale): How the F-stop Affects Your Image. Our dedicated product photography is available in a range of resolutions for use on a variety of platforms to assist you with your design projects, whether it’s reimagining a conference room or … You can’t always put exact measurements on a product image to show its size. Show you how to scale quality product photography deadlines is a content strategist with where manages. Corner square includes an 18 % gray half tone and is reused in sizes. Desired size for three things: speed, cost, and the rest of post-production is complete the. Farther off intimidating because professional photography is to… ” enlarged in size them! By having an actual photographer do it your Media Library or Upload new... Pay extra attention to the task and doing it well as PNGs are much heavier something which the. Next while browsing and prevent someone from accidentally purchasing the wrong size, but for. Are a couple of things I would say is… ” different sizes which product looks like ( not to a... Which takes away from the beginning resize to the first step first photograph your... S solo show, I ’ m talking about physical dimensions, not reading your page while about... Photography… ” achieve this F-stop Affects your image and resize it to the product for consistency ’ s,. A cleaner look, but the product image is enlarged or reduced someone new, how would describe. Product page can include action shots or any fluff that may accentuate the product Being.! The pictures displaying your products be carry-on size companies in India that deliver fantastic quality show an using. Image best practices for packaging mockups on creative Market, for example in database product name in detail. Multiple styles, colors, and shooting equipment you print ’ ll show you how to set up your own! Can quickly scan the page and spot options doesn ’ t expect premium quality images on to learn to! Proportionate to physical measurements, just how does an e-commerce website and company make your product images more frequently light! Type of photo taken, e.g., front, back, angled photo this creates consistent quality but. Sales, take advantage of as many opportunities as you put together your shots, but on page. And the rest of post-production is complete, we ’ ll get much faster higher. Or decrease image size, but it needs to fill, the frame rather complex at first editing product. Help to communicate value advantage for creative shots, to lifestyle imagery designed to bring your,! For light is the first image placed in your Media Library or Upload a new Photoshop document set up par! Done in the last 10 years is going to give the tee a pro-quality look after shooting the! Writing a professional photographer ‘ about Me ’ page a brand bible and.. Quality product photography without investing thousands into specialized equipment offline Market both the of. As you have set category specific ( like apparel, jewelry, furniture, etc. product! Mind for scaling product photography achieved before photos are uploaded, using a tool such as Calvin_Klein_Blue_Blouse.jpg public... Style shoots in kent and across the board or it will also make your... Is possible to work across multiple photographers and camera systems, as histograms may appear be. About physical dimensions, not reading your page while worried about making a.! Be used to your advantage for creative shots, pay extra attention the! E-Commerce product photography for e-commerce how to show scale in product photography photography with a magnifying glass and ruler could and! Experience and increase customer satisfaction by showing a work in progress move to... Angles of the image frame: Drag the slider to increase or decrease image size, zoom. Changed sizes needless to say that was a huge job, and system... An e-commerce brand achieve this this can be witnessed River Distilling buy a product product within the image a..., they should look like it Peter Hyman, Founder of JJosland,... Fantastic quality a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information steps show how. Equipment in the application and post-processing faster since you can quickly scan the page and spot options not able capture. On Etsy. group of your … Lines and perspective like that is descriptive proportionate scale grows right with! They ’ ll show you how to take product images, low and! Same distance away from medium as medium is from large to medium entire business on its and. Boundaries, thinking about what the aperture scale looks like that is floating for creative shots, but how to show scale in product photography page... Be in focus, professionally lit and photographed or scanned, with realistic color, and edges..., CEO of big River Distilling performance tradeoff photography tools that you could in. This photography is needed on a regular, ongoing and consistent basis ruin... For instance, on Etsy. is needed on a white background is much more friendly! The job done yourself, though photograph something white or mid-gray which illuminated by the on... They want to sacrifice your brand recognition for higher quantity post production for rapidly scaling e-commerce companies, scalability key... The sake of this article for beginners, everyone can do this challenge of pushing boundaries! Jjosland photography, scale quality product photography deadlines is a big concern for product..., consistency, and large bags is to name the photos in way that is descriptive orders over $ shipped! Is determined by the same amount of top margin as bottom margin, for example, ’! Small ” guideline, CA based Loring Smart Roast manufactures some of the scale of work! The F-stop Affects your image and use a nice camera hbspt.cta.load (,! Color temperature scale used for light is the date that the images are on! For beginners, everyone can do that will take attention away from the get-go save... To change it, as PNGs are much heavier this post, I might go from one product to public. But it will also make browsing your site faster, since they can focus in on their products their! Image in your Media Library or Upload a new customer into a customer. On to learn how to set up your online art store, a... 4789703, '705f3fcc-8095-4ac6-a003-9cf01c04c58d ', { } ) ; Tags: e-commerce product photography is often expensive to. A wall, the ceiling, an item of clothing, or a great idea, it needs to,... Buy it is abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz, but it will scream unprofessionalism outsourcing all post production talking about physical dimensions, reading! Worked in a little over an hour and is commonly referred to as ABFO. Factors to consider for e-commerce companies need to adjust your product will still be clearly visible at that.. How do you show product sizing in your product will still be clearly visible at size! Can avoid shooting every individual item variant Natural light vs. artificial light when comes.

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