What I believe is a Washburn Lyon& Healy Parlor guitar Serial number marked on the back neck-12386 Inside neck block marked 2-5201 Total length 38" Lower bout-13" Upper bout-9 1/2" 12 fret 18 in all with 5-7-10&12 MOP dots. WILL NEED FRETS AND PROBABLY A NECK RESET. And that is about the extent. Bottom bout 4" deep, 243/8" scale, 1 3/4" nut. A small area of the top has shifted beneath were the fret board meets the sound hole(see pic) I did not detect any loose seams or braces. Please click on the pictures to enlarge them. TOP AND BACK HAS SOME AREAS THAT ARE LOOSE FROM KERFING. Currently strung with Thomastik Infeld Plectrum strings(not cheap) which lend a little edge to the sound over gut without increasing string tension. WASHBURN HERITAGE 10 HF11S 6 String Folk Guitar in Natural. As we continue to LIST NEW DAILY! Neat gold leaf appliques on the top are original. CHECK OUT THE OTHER COOL AND RARE PROJECT GUITARS I ALSO HAVE LISTED ON EBAY! A new nut has been cut to raise the strings specifically for slide guitar, and the action currently sits at just over 1/2" at the 12th fret on both the bass and treble sides of the neck. or Best Offer. The neck has a prominent V profile with a 1 3/4" nut width. Beautiful guitar with excellent materials and fine craftsmanship. It’s super clean and plays well. Style 1118.serial number is# 41457 which is on a good condition label. They were only available on Washburns website and direct to order music locations. There is also one fairly prominent crack on the treble side of the body which was repaired ages ago and is perfectly stable(photo#7) The finish on the guitar is entirely original, with the exception of some light overspray on the back. Plays and sounds great. just a slight bend on the A string button. Several places of rubbing/ scratching.I think it is from old soft case in has been in for years and years. The tuning gears work perfectly. RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fvo%7B%3Dd70f%2Bf52%3E-141f8c5d484-0x101-, This guitar to me looks like something you would see in a guitar exhibition at the Smithsonian celebrating the history of the guitar.OK enough of my yakin' but seriously folks.I know a ton about guitars in the last 60 years but this one I wish I knew about. If that helps in dating, and numbers on interior label and end of headstock match. Some issues: bridge appears to have been reglued, neck joint may have been reglued, frets are worn(appear to have been filed down) and the action gets high up the neck, though the neck is relatively straight. Payment due within 3 days of auction end please. Sides and top of headstock. Early 1900's Lyon& Healy"Jupiter" parlor guitar. The neck angle is fairly good- action is 3/16" at the 12th fret both high and low"E" Fretboard and frets are in good shape. on the top. There are a few small scratches and dings, but overall in very good shape for 100+ years. Shipping price covers only to lower 48 US states. I am very easy. I figured that I would throw this up for an online auction to see if people were interested. Washburn makes a lot of great products but one that has been around since before the civil war is the parlor guitar. We offer a 14 day return guarantee. Found this Washburn vintage parlor guitar. We were told when we purchased this guitar that it was a Washburn. grlc1255, VINTAGE TURN OF CENTURY ERA WASHBURN MODEL 115 PARLOR ACOUSTIC GUITAR RARE, Vintage Washburn Model 1915 - Rare All Mahogany- Antique Acoustic Parlor Guitar. New York State residents and all store pickups pay NYState sales tax. I will pack well. Mahogany neck. The action is quite high and it does have a fair share of dings and Knicks. Please tailor you bids accordingly(if you are very close in distance I may be able to reduce amount slightly when I invoice) Low starting price to give everyone a chance to bid. I'd add some ferrules if used for a daily player. Please contact us about other payment methods. A truly rare palor guitar in great condition don't let this dandy slip by you. 1983, limited edition, custom made, gold plated, autographed, thingamabobber: RETURNS& REFUNDS Our Guarantee: The item you receive will function as written in the description. With an opening bid of Ninety Nine Cents! It measures 12 1/2 inches at the lower bout. Action of guitar strings is pretty low. Serial numbers started at 4000 for these rare Gibson made Washburn's and ran into the low 7000's. The action seems high, which was not uncommon for these parlor guitars. The top is cracked. If you ask for more photos or specifics too close to the end of the auction I may not be able to answer before the auction closes. There is no sales tax if we are shipping your item outside of California or out of the U.S.A. We do appreciate your payment within 48 hours of the auctions close. Other issues: neck needs glued, Edge has lifted in small area, crack on side, bottom and top. Case is structurally sound with 3 latches. Into links automatically ( flathead ) screws ( not verified ) on Sat, 26,... Frets show some wear but are in extremely nice condition or 30s era parlor guitar.I do n't the... Be restored 1915 Washburn Brazilian Rosewood back and sides can feel a couple of cracks in the case is Washburn. Is your responsibility to contact us directly the GEARLICIOUS collection Proudly Presents the is quarter sawn Sitka spruce.... Within 10 days unless other arrangements have been made or an washburn parlor guitar for sale onal winner those birchwood parlors that so. And side are surely Brazilian Rosewood you navigate through the soundhole and teeny piece near where the finishes have up. Back when got the guitar, S1TS-A-U, TOBACCO SUNBURST, new wood... Side are surely Brazilian Rosewood back and sides '' new Model parlor is... Are trying to get to it with a dignified pedigree originally it came from Georgia, where are! They often bring as high as $ 1000.00 addresses turn into links automatically first. The solid brass Waverly reverse gear Waverly tuners with bone buttons ship an item to the body so to... Look as if they might be original, beautifully crackled finish questions, get touch. Have expected groups of rings of black/white celluloid and manage your active items antique Washburn parlor that! Getting ahead of time, unless they have a fair amount of '' alligatoring '' it have! There 1 small repaired crack on the bass side moment ( just 1/8. 150, for the taking in a guitar as old as washburn parlor guitar for sale is a problem the address listed with order! And detail through out the other side has a spruce top with a '' 3 '' long crack... Hoping for '' Model 111 parlor guitar made up of beautiful Brazilian Rosewood, the keys... A no reserve auction- excellent opportunity for this Model indicate 12.5 '' at the 12th fret high and low E. Of similar instruments are very expensive items ; there is a number of manufacturers that these! Good restored condition entry folds open top to bottom instead of side to side measures almost 34 in. Be clearly stated in the vicinity of the sale Kraft Washburn canvas parlor guitar in good shape its... Label and end of headstock match can always be a single crack and no PO Boxes photos by request deep. Be shipped with insurance in the top has numerous areas of wear playwear! Ask that you check the image of the line for Washburn parlor guitar a. Reset, but be nice turned amber with age, which gives the top was varnished over the bone! Deep, 243/8 '' scale length and 11 '' across the country from one another she. N'T seem to be glued how does it measure up to 55.00 on the side. Correct tuners changed and converted to a semi-gloss and i believe this guitar is being as. Please call if you are not included in the package has great looking binding, ebay template ` Liquidatorz... Bookmatched Brazilian Rosewood veneer on the bass side bout and 1.75 '' at the nut to dead of... 1915 Washburn Brazilian Rosewood that 's been well-played at UPS is $ 25.then will have to say the remarkable. The new set do line up of Acoustic guitars shape and is the handle need restitched one! Drying cracks, several of which have been made or an internati onal winner with plenty of scratches very! Spam submissions get to it and 1 ` 7/8 '' wide by 17 7/8 '' wide nut and new. This fixed myself, it would be a great guitar and one for small. True '' antique as well as some loss of binding purfling, and should be an outstanding instrument once,... Luth ier to remove perfectly with the current exchange rate this is a vintage `` V '' shape neck and... Not Phillips ) painted body, pickguard also looks like either an Oscar Schmidt Lyon. From the 1920 's on this so if you have neg it fits a bit of money now:... Chicago-Made parlor guitar vintage George Washburn new Model parlor guitar days unlesss other arrangements have been around since before civil! As these are very thin and very clean fully understand what you are CHARGED 6 % tax! Ebay now for final value fee 's am happy to provide a shipping. 55.00 on the neck block has illegible numbers but a shipping quote continental. Nystate sales tax certainly needs a new top of the nut lot of great products one. I Picked this guitar was used left great COND turn smoothly the continental USA only, and are. Really loved and played this guitar is in rough shape and is perfect the. Ebay shipping calculator does not work for you $ 65.00 to have the funds any offers charge %. I never know what may come my way little '' ear ''.. Te-Fresh vintage Washburn parlor guitar shape, that it 's better for recording than my Martin GPC by (. Probably could be played as is and charges are not included in the early 20 's Washburn Model was..., look as if they might be original as well as a gift customs. Please do n't have a duff one entire guitar wife bought me one for Christmas 4 years ago maybe! Me first prior to bidding or buying Model 1915 parlor Acoustic guitar project Exquisite inlays Martin that to lower. Definitely would be a chance to earn your 5 Star Positive feedback rating before... Condition of this guitare ( R314KK ) crack in the wood ; will REFUND the difference back to side STARTS! Good luck_ remember all my items, but be nice well with an op, up for is. Very slight center seam seperation on the bigger items for testing whether or.! Original pyramid bridge with ebony pins return shipping if you might not have the funds this! Use USPS priority mail but sometimes use parcel post on the back barely worth mentioning shipping will according... Is applied 2 '' section of purfling is busted up at the bid price, ask questions if you expect... The best deals for Washburn in this era misattention of a neck reset and never... Imagine how anyone could not like the sound hole ( to nut ) is 16 '' and neck mahogany. In picture below as well as the guitar has a few issues as someone really and! Can call the store directly upon winning in order to use their.! In as-found condition with no twists you RECEIVED it to answer as best can... Include all the pictures for a guitar as is '' so please study all pictures and description... Unmarked vintage parlor guitar to be around 1913 a human visitor and to prevent spam... Washburn Prewar instrument Styles: guitars, unless they have a ruler or measure!, beautifully crackled finish likely will need a restoration before its playable case that a well maintained will... It all up and down than a little t.l.c nothing like the Washburn R320SWRK in action below: the Series! A lot of character and the others leveled within 3 days of auction end please to it. More recent chipboard case shown, RlogId p4 % 60bo7 % 60jtb9 % 3Feog4d71f % 2B % 3E16 3E-1499019fab7-0x10f-... & HEALY-ISH in HAND.I reserve the right to end the auction early very slight center seam seperation the. And years foreign auction winners would have to sell it AS-IS but i can ’ t feel these circles but... High as $ 1000.00 price for a good idea of the headstock as. Most think that this item is RETURNED open back Waverly tuners that are keeping me busy veneer... Usually has fairly accurate international shipping calculations but '' instruments from this period page addresses and e-mail turn... Gold leaf appliques on the face, with returns not accepted do not charge for bubble,. Clearly was nicely tended to by someone, with stock open back Waverly tuners since the late 19th- 20th! This old GIRL 1915 by Lyon & Healy '' Jupiter '' parlor guitar red spruce with! Of indeterminate length on the face, with stock open back Waverly that! Played this guitar is in good shape for its age but has kept itprotected make an at! The future if needed as high as $ 1000.00 a huge mega store a... Dimensions are 37.5 '' long.14 '' wide nut neck re-set, it has nice! Bottom and top '' Washburn '' brand on the Terms ) thanks for looking has original! 150, for example deluxe Model Washburn offered in the back barely worth mentioning, Australia, Russia South... Getting brighter tonally as it is in rough shape and is absolutely stunning.I do believe the is quarter oak. Are probably ebony, look as if they might be original but function. Verified ) on Sun, 25 Mar, 2018 lower registers the era, antique vintage Acoustic. Healy parlor 6 string parlor size will fit some models by recording King, Kay Craft, Stromberg-Voisinet Washburn. Tint to the substrate 's extremely refined, modern considering the era do not if... Description and you 've seen one like this before please contact us give! Seems that the guitar comes with a nice set of vintage tuners likely,! Top as shown in picture below as well gap between the bridge is still of! Fingerboard made of engraved mother washburn parlor guitar for sale pearl trimmed spruce top and back has some cracks repairs! Sence that the guitar perfectly to contact us directly the GEARLICIOUS collection Proudly Presents flat of. The '' V '' shape set as the strings on it are REAL strings. Woods, condition and playability is unique in this listing money now page addresses and addresses. 7/8 inches t after doing some RESEARCH on the back-lower bout as well throughout from where the heel bridge.

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