Saanen goats are lovable animals, provide lots of wonderful, healthful milk, plus make great companions for other goats and people too! This post enlists some facts about Kiko goats. Wedding garden farmer saves Sh8,000 a month with solar pump, Water tanks offer health and savings for rural homes, COVID Fund delivers free agronomist tests and advice for farmers. Youth in Agriculture: 25-year-old consultant creates 900-farmer information network, Misdiagnosis is a perilous basis for banning crop protection, as Europe proves for us all, Farmers’ Friend: Behavioural traits to avoid in dairy cattle, Nakuru farmer giving free rabbits and cages to youth to start farming, FarmBiz TV:Low supply increases red bulb onion price to Sh120 per kilo in Mombasa, BIDCO opens books for contract farmers and feed distributors, Kenya’s deadliest goat disease costing nearly Sh1/4m per 100 goats in Turkana, FarmBiz TV:Farmer invents underground wick irrigation saving water and time for dry land farmers, Farmers’ Friend: controlling yellow sigatoka (yellowing disease) in bananas, Training farm delivers 1,000 agricultural interns a year and innovation hub, Youth take learning to the farm to earn in Coronavirus school closure, Diet is critical to cow health in weeks before calving, FarmBiz TV:Pixie fruit earns Sh600k per season, with all-year round ready market, Farmers Friend: organic remedies for early blight, FarmBiz TV:Programme drives up EA kiwi supply with farmer contracts and training, This is what the colour codes on pesticide labels mean, Taita Taveta farmer earning good money from Galla goat side venture, An acre of ginger delivers Sh250,000 profits in six months, FarmBizAfrica launches open marketplace for farmers, Farmbiz TV: Lemons ride up, with limes, on Covid health buying, Youth farmer: student gets cabbages moving on WhatsApp, Demand for boer goats outstrips local market and breeders, Eggs move to short supply after culls of hens by farmers during Covid lockdown, KCB sets out to launch 28,000 greenhouses for youth to earn a living, Search for Covid-19 immunity drives limes to 10x the price, Drip irrigation reduces water consumption for Kiambu farmer by 50 per cent, FarmBizAfrica announces vertical farming winners, Smallholders get new, professional spraying service from Sh50 a farm to ensure safe pesticide use, Glamourous photo shoots do not change the reality of Africa’s harsh pest load, Mum cuts food costs 80 % within two months by farming in Jerri cans, FarmBiz TV:Murang’a 20 macadamia delivers triple yields for farmers, FarmBiz TV:Flood irrigation triples Eggplant fruit size and income, Kikuyu resident proves vertical farming can feed urban families and create income, Artist farmers create urban farm hub from sacks and old plastic, FarmBiz TV:Nantes hybrid carrot emerges as front runner in Kenyan market, Farmers’ Friend: the inside-track on growing vanilla in Kenya, 25 Muranga farmers earn Sh20m a year from French beans through group export contract, Government and industry fast-track measures to save flower industry from EU-banned moth, FarmBiz TV:Farmer grows fast acre of okra to make Sh6k in profits a day, Counties assign ‘digital’ extension officers up to 10,000 farmers each, Kwale farmer looking to make Sh8 million a year from vanilla farming. Under good management, it produces 3-5 litres of milk per day depending on management. FarmBiz TV: KALRO and UoN launch drought and pest-resistant bean, Kenya mali, Star farmer: 20-year expert earns millions in mixed farming on 4 acres, Fact Sheet: Common rabbit diseases and their treatment, Kilifi farmer triples cassava yield through minisett multiplication technique, Food must be a critical priority in defining what’s ‘essential’, Government draws up new regulations on pest control safety labelling, Dairy farmer shares lessons learnt after recovering from near shut-down, Nairobi farmer's foray into ornamental birds business pays off, Banana farmers find value in neem as botanical pesticide against black weevil, Biologist changing Maasai community fortunes through beekeeping enterprise, Mushrooms sales suffer sudden drop on hospitality close-down, Fresh Produce exporters scramble for cargo space as flights cancelled, Mango farmers create jar trap to end whitefly destruction, Experts advise farmers to form groups for certification of organic exports, Strawberry runners from certified nurseries offer farmers a kilo a year, Pumpkin farmers solve overproduction problems by producing oil and flour, Insect nets can protect crops from desert locusts, UNIDO launches workshops to position more smallholders as horticultural exporters, Technical college sets up students as hydroponic farmers for free, Kenya launches all-inclusive agricultural alliance with leaders’ summit, Fact Sheet: homemade concentrate to replace commercial rabbit feed, Carrefour opens door to farmers groups to be supermarket suppliers, KALRO partners with buyer Coca Cola to commercialise new passion fruit, Financial services company offers new loan access for exporting farmers, Rabbit keeping opens route to organic farming, fertiliser and pest control, Sunculture offers pay-as-you-go solar pumps that experts say can triple profits, Mombasa farmer builds rabbit business on discounts, JKUAT develops snail by-products to spur Brown Snail farming in Kenya, Banker-turned-farmer creates profits through relay planting to create constant harvest, Farmer nearly triples egg earnings selling for hatching instead of food, Upfield seeks up to 3,000 farmers to grow canola seeds, Fact sheet: how to make a vertical sack garden, Elgeyo-Marakwet invests in huge milk coolers to support county milk brand, Fact sheet: reliable Avocado buyers and exporters in Kenya, Sack farming increases sukuma wiki production 75X in Makueni, Ex-Mumias farmers find top earner in pawpaw jam, oil and drinks, Banana farmer doubles yields from information-sharing WhatsApp group, Internationals drive local demand for snail farming, Why Kenya must now learn the meaning of a hazard and of a risk: or die, Pineapple wines and vinegars add high-fashion niches for exporters as demand grows, Chia offers Sh1m an acre per year as new wonder crop, Garlic farmers earn six times more than regular onion farmers, Mango rises as healthy food for Middle East/ US / EU driving accelerating Kenyan exports, Wajir youth launches online marketing and vet services for pastoralists, Baringo milk farmer adds Sh46,000 a month to income by switching to Boma Rhodes fodder, Hass avocados earn twofold as compared to other varieties, South Africa importer buying tonnes of sesame (simsim) seeds from Kenyan growers, Move to ban pesticides being used to curb locusts and Fall Army Worn will lead to crop devastation, warn growers, Trans Nzoia farmer ditches maize for French beans, earns more in export market, Graduate develops biofuel for household cooking from water hyacinth, Urban dweller turns to growing own food to fix ill-health, 25 cooperatives behind Nyeri County milk boom, State to offer milk market for dairy goat and camel farmers, Half a kilo to one kilo increase of dairy meal after calving maintains milk production, NYS Tumaini base producing clean potato seeds for farmers using new technology, JKUAT selling nine varieties of indigenous vegetables released by KEPHIS, Sunken beds reduce frost losses, irrigation costs, Tea farmers set to enjoy 50 per cent payments on monthly deliveries, New KCC to pay farmers Sh8 more per litre of milk delivered, Government intensifies marketing, distribution of Aflasafe to help farmers fight aflatoxin, Good news as China cuts export duty levied on Kenya’s avocado from 30 to 7 per cent, Government to establish livestock Embryo Transfer facility to boost breeds, Nairobi’s Karen farmer bets on unpopular snail farming for cash, Combined fungi-based biological spray controls five common crop pests, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University paying Sh5,000 per kilogram of crickets, Sweet potato vines and roots silage offers livestock more proteins, Homa Bay farmer increases earnings twofold with double dug irrigation system, Simple farm tool enables farmers maintain soil health, improve yields, New board to enable Kenyan farmers market their livestock products globally, Ready market available for gadam sorghum variety growers, JKUAT researchers discover edible grasshopper that can help farmers grow income, Mango and French beans exporter buying the produce from out-growers, New study: Kenyan avocado farmers can increase income by 39 per cent exporting to EU, The introduction of the Kenya Food and Drugs Authority Bill has shown why we need impact assessments for all legislation, Farmer finds seine nets safer than hook and bait in fish pond cropping, Baringo farmers eye export market with 1.2 tonnes capacity coffee milling plant, Seeds of hope transforming lives in northern Uganda, Hand-pushed multipurpose tractor saves farmers Sh1000 tillage costs, Makueni mango farmer doubles income through team support, Creeping legumes triples milk yields in the coastal region, Thika company urgently looking for rabbits to meet rising meat demand, Kisumu’s Kilimani upmarket offers cassava farmer better prices for value-added products, EU moves to increase searches for pests on exports from Friday, Chilli exporters eyeing the Middle East to compensate Europe market, Herbs and spices marketer looking for chilli out-growers to meet local demand, FPC Kenya invites farmers and traders for free training on pesticides and food safety, Ruiru youth who dropped medicine course for tomatoes has no regrets, Co-operatives helping farmers reach more markets for better prices, income, Bidco to upgrade Nakuru animal feed mill to curb rising shortage, Nairobi agritech links farmers directly to large produce buying companies, Food safety introduced in TVET training to fight foodborne illnesses and deaths, Four pesticide regulatory pillars are the route to food security, New technology helps fish breeder deliver male fingerlings to farmers in 28 days, 1000 Kwale passion fruit farmers turn collection centres into markets to grow income, Busia rice farmers receive modern machines to up production, Kilifi farmer targets parties with beauty fish to grow income, KALRO, EU unveil 2,000 capacity indigenous chicken breeding unit, AGRA launches new book on sustainable use of fertiliser, New KICC to buy 105 million litres surplus milk from farmers, Soaring demand for bixa by local hotels excites coastal farmers, Kakamega youth group cashing in rare Spirulina farming, Homa Bay chilli farmer earning Sh1,000 a day in export, Kenyan specialty coffee farmers find market in the US, Tana River beekeepers marketing groups taste sweet success with modern equipment, Narok farmers cash in the soaring demand for kenbro chicken products to grow income, Embu farmers turn dry land into pawpaw production venture, earn Sh300,000 a season, Kirinyaga farmers increase earnings threefold selling bananas as a group, Limuru farmer targets Chinese with unique cabbage to grow income, Varsity students introduce solar-powered tent that keeps agroproduce cool for more than five days, Feeding fish homemade feeds more profitable, Redworm rearing promises better income for undergraduate, Huge milk demand in Busia excites farmers, Company links farmers to best inputs to boost production, Agronomist saving part-time farmers investment losses, Lamu youth increase earnings fivefold as hotels’ demand for tomatoes soars, Kiambu farmer turns his love for fruits into a money minting venture, Tharaka Nithi County subsidises artificial insemination services to lower farmers’ cost of production, Bungoma farmer taps into rabbit urine and droppings for more income, Simple indigenous ways to reduce aflatoxin levels in maize meals, Farmbiz inviting you for another training on how to export farm produce, Hydroponic tomato farming offers Juja youth better income, Former financial analyst bets on new methods of farming for income and food security, Regulator, farmers agree to stop avocado harvesting to avoid trading of immature fruits, Vihiga farmers build banana processing plant, provide market for growers, Simple net prevents nurserybed from pests’ attack, Nairobi online farmer’s market links growers with busy office and home consumers, Consumers’ love for ugali drives farmers to grow H614 maize seed developed in 1986, Farmers replace maize with fish, harvesting fortunes, Njoro farmer taps into water harvesting to increase cultivation area, Stakeholders launch $950 million initiative to boost Africa’s coffee industry, Pump installation depth pushes more water to farms, Silage maker buying yellow maize from all farmers, Achieving 300 chicks per year with 10 indigenous (kienyeji) chicken, Atlas F1 butternut variety earns Homa Bay farmer Sh92,100 a season, 2,907 Tharaka Nithi farmers bet on government water project to grow beetroot, income, Uasin Gishu youth group triples household incomes with extension service, Market location helps Kiambu farmer manage the highly perishable cucumber, Best manure handling practices for maximum crop production, Ready market excites over 2,200 Meru farmers to grow bananas, Wrapping banana bunch with leaves cut post-harvest losses by 30 per cent, Government to launch avocado farming in Nyamira for production and income diversification, Mulching beats new herbicide restrictions on export products, Limuru farmers coop cold rooms helps members keep produce fresh, beating market prices, Christmas melon extract cures deadly poultry Newcastle disease, cut farmers’ production costs, Simple temporal structures keep bees from disturbances, increase production, Government set to promote prawn farming, boost farmers income, How to grow, harvest the delicate sugar snap for export, Kisii County farmer slashes production costs, using fishpond water for vegetable fertiliser, Farmers bet on the cold temperature of Aberdare Forest to rear trout fish, Bud-grafting cuts tamarind (mkwaju) maturity period by eight years, How to get rainwater harvesting services from Kenya Rainwater Association, Where to find mushroom buyers in Kenya as demand soars, Fortune beckons for Kirinyaga herbs farmer after abandoning dairy, Herbs exporter looking for more farmer groups to meet Dubai market demand, Cameroonian who lost entire stock to bird’s flu and swine fever finds reprieve in pawpaw farming, High school dropout earns decent cash form rearing earthworms, Quality feeds give pig farmers over 30 per cent more profit, How to set a simple vermiculture system for your kitchen garden, Agricultural industry alliance supports government's new pesticide legislation, Poor coffee prices push Nyamira farmers to pawpaw farming, Honey marketer looking for more beekeepers to satisfy the lucrative Arab market, Poultry waste increases milk output, earns Kabete farmer double income, Farmbiz Africa calls farmers for training on nursery seedlings production, Farmer builds camel milk factory, provides market to colleagues, Nyeri entrepreneur buying pumpkin seeds from farmers, Increased market demand excites Tigoni gooseberry producer, Kwale enterprise buying coconut fruits from farmers, Low-cost storage method that prevents cowpeas from weevils, 40 refugees in Turkana set to up vegetable production after training, Relay vegetable farming earns Murang’a farmer over Sh52,000 a month from a quarter plot, Fresh produce marketer looking for farmers to grow runner beans to meet export demand, Rabbit farming provides stable income for unemployed youth, Simple ways to prevent death of newly bought fingerlings and speed up their adaptability, Graduates unveil cheap, locally made solar-powered cold-room for preserving fresh farm produce, Wick irrigation system saves water and time for farmers, How to grow own black soldier larvae for feeding indigenous chicken, Voi firm launches cattle cake that improves animals’ growth and milk output, Kenya youth set to champion urban farming among the young generation, Transiting from subsistence to commercial farming scales up Njoro farmer’s income, Graduates helping farmers use pond water as fertiliser, cutting production costs, Pumpkin seeds oil extraction doubles income for distressed Nyeri farmer>, Social enterprise in need of more farmers and honey to meet local demand, How a farmer turned idle land into food basket and income generator, Kiambu farmers reduce young chicks’ deaths by half, Laikipia farmer saving Sh3,000 monthly on fish feeds by keeping geese, Thika farmers grow yields six-fold without fertilizers, Reliable market earns Kakamega farmer Sh16,000 a pig in seven months, Farmbiz Africa invites farmers and traders for a training workshop on how to export farm produce, Agritech startup creates farming model, enables both farmers and investors earn from farm proceeds, Simple home-made solar chimney dryer increases vegetable shelf-life for over a year, Trans Nzoia farmer buys advice on planting distance and fertilizer ratios, doubles yield, Nyeri farmer finds full time employment in tree tomato production, Busia sorghum farmer records extra yields after using natural pesticides, Dubai fresh produce importer looking for avocado, orange and dragon fruits suppliers, Elgeyo Marakwet farmer who grows orange fleshed sweet potato to exploit its rich market, Homa Bay fish farmers set to increase production and profits with new hatchery, Kisumu farmer who dumped chicken for Guinea fowls has never looked back, How Kenyan farmers can cushion themselves from negative impacts of global price fluctuations, Kenyan mango farmers and traders unite to promote production and marketing of the fruit, Grafting purple with yellow passion controls nematode attacks, Former maize farmer finds a new paying off venture in sunflower, Worms' liquid offers crops more nutrients than fertilisers, New project offers groundnuts as alternative source of income for sugarcane for Western Kenya farmers, How to avoid soil hardening and crop drying in bag farming, Stem cutting potato seed production method reduces pests and diseases by half, Fresh fruits exporters in need of apple mangoes ahead of high season, Kilifi farmer dries mango fruits to beat low markets price in peak season, Vihiga County recruiting farmers to grow traditional vegetables for Carrefour, Fortified composite manure increases harvest two-fold, Reduced spacing increases cowpeas yields per acre, Uasin Gishu farmer dumps maize for pumpkins, earns Sh420,000 a season, Banana wine, crisps making promises bright future to college dropout, Exporter looking for 2000 farmers to grow horticultural crops, Pruning cuts pests, increases capsicum yields, Exporter buying honey from smallholders to meet UAE market demand, Online platform lets farmers know who is buying, when and for how much, Kenyan mint farmers set to double their export as peak season starts, Facts sheet on Saanen dairy goats farming, Former Nakumatt supplier turns to YouTube to train growers and make sales, Limuru entrepreneur launches honey processing plant that will buy produce from all-comers, Busia, Kericho counties plans a tax waiver deal to enable farmers access markets and curb food deficit, New technologies increase farmers yields seven-fold, Bayer East Africa launches new wilt resistant tomato variety, Free market far more advantageous for the sugar sector than a heavily regulated regime, How Kenya- Uganda border small-scale farmers are cutting the cost of transporting their produce across the border, Seed producer helping 200 culinary herbs farmers access international market for their produce, Leading hotel chain in Kenya buying green grams from all-comers, CNN’s Marketplace Africa highlights Kenya farmers’ shift to avocado production, How agribusiness startups are pointing farmers to international markets, Former Brookside employee earns up to Sh200,000 an acre from sweet potato farming, Strawberry fruits exporter looking for more growers to meet increasing demand in the Middle East, Mobile app gives farmers tips on crop and livestock, market prices and weather updates, How to make sweet potato vines silage for feeding pigs, New technology helps farmers increase tree yields by 34 to 38 per cent, Kenyan mobile-based cashless platform connects small-scale farmers directly to local retailers, Embu County secures export market for farmers’ tomatoes, onions, capsicum, cabbages, potatoes, chillies, cucumbers and passion among other fruits, Kakamega fish co-operative set to save farmers from fetching fingerlings from far counties, Mkulima bora app connects more than 5,000 farmers to consumers directly, JKUAT student selected ambassador to the world’s Thought for Food Foundation, Kajiado farmer producing 5,000kg of pumpkins a season through organic farming, Meru farmers win contract to export bananas to Hungary, Opinion: 5 factors dragging back agriculture sector in Kenya, City grocery feeds residents with dried vegetables, making a kill on increasing demand, Why I intercrop maize with sweet potatoes, Experts call for combined efforts to mobilise production, commercialisation and uptake of African indigenous vegetables, Israeli market opens up for Kenyan miraa (khat) farmers, Growing demand for rabbit meat among five start hotels in Nairobi excites farmers, Why farmer looked for market before growing courgettes, Busia agricultural industrial park to provide market for western Kenya cassava farmers, Kenyan fruit, vegetable exporter wins prestigious award at AgriPitch competition, Loitoktok farmer growing multiple crops to organically control pests, diseases and weeds, Feeding cows on a balanced diet improves milk production, Students establish seedlings farm to enhance their capacity in farming practices, Uasin Gishu farmer earns double from short season crops after quitting job, How meagre pocket money birthed Sh6,000 profit a week mushroom venture for college students, Kenyan coast beekeepers double honey production from 30 to 60 kilos a year with modern hives, Outsourced eggs cut hatching rate by over 50 per cent, Semen costs to go down by half on purchase of new liquid tankers by government, Training boosts coffee farmer's earnings by 75 per cent, Nandi farmer who quit maize for French beans gets guaranteed market, Strawberry jam production helps company find market for grade 2 fruits, New technology to help farmers prevent bacterial wilt in potatoes, Acute shortage of dwarf coconut variety seedlings hits coastal region, How a former P1 teacher built a mixed farm empire in Kisumu from Sh4,000 capital, Nyamira farmer looking for manure suppliers in Kisii, Bomet, Kericho and Homa Bay, Sugar industry faces exacerbated decline and extinction on proposed regulations, Former bodaboda rider earns up to Sh40,000 a season from vegetable farming, New farming technology increases crop yields by 500 to 2000 per cent, Youth earns Sh150,000 a season from arrowroot farming after abandoning maize production, NGO launches new multi-purpose product that improves soil fertility, crop yields and boosts livestock feeds, From a vendor to passion fruit farming worth Sh60,000 a month, Sugar farmers chase government to follow law in forming regulations, Fruit firm seeks to develop a handheld portable device that detects fruit pests and diseases, Kenyan researcher to introduce a new vaccine to end Newcastle disease in chicken, Vocational centre training farmers on amaranth seeds value addition for more cash, Africa’s Agri-preneurs Summit set for July 26th to 28th in Nairobi to explore market options for farmers and training on value addition, Fresh produce buyer seeks to offer services in local languages for easier communication with farmers, Mastercard Farmers Network connects small-scale farmers with potential buyers and financial access, Kisii farmers increase income 66 per cent using grafted seedlings, Global agribusiness firm reduces production downtime with smart sensors, How to maintain and improve soil fertility for profitability, Kenya social entrepreneur wins Prestigious Commonwealth Award for connecting farmers to global markets, Seedlings nursery urgently buying garlic onions from all-comers, IT graduate ventures into mushroom farming, trains growers and link them to markets, Kenya, Uganda mushroom farmers’ networking saves the growers training costs, Fact sheet on controlling panama disease in apple bananas, KCB targets 1000 poultry farmers in Makueni County with training and financial support, Western Kenya dairy farmers bank on brewery waste to save Sh50, 000 animal feed costs a month, Kisii company ventures into banana ('Ritoke') crisps to provide market for farmers, Graduate who dumped a commission sales job for passion fruit farming earns Sh60,000 a month, Kenyan flower sector remains steady despite high competition in export market from Ethiopia’s, New KCC cuts milk prices by five shillings as supply increases by 25 per cent, Blue economy forum to help source markets for Kenyan fish farmers, Youth in Matungu, Kakamega County earns Sh150,000 a season from arrowroot farming, Maize feed mixed with lupin seeds increases milk yields and cuts production costs, Agri-enterprises in Kenya set to get financial support to grow their ventures, Thika vegetable farm turn to institutions and retailers for reliable markets and payments, Homa Bay youth selling over ten varieties of tree seedlings across Kenya in bid to beat climate change, Law graduate who turned from a farm produce broker to a grower and supplier of fresh cucumber and lettuce, Marsabit pastoralists adopt rice farming for an alternative income, Graduate ventures into mushroom farming after failing to get a job, Village-based farmers’ coop trains and provides farm inputs and ready market for smallholders, Organization helps farmers in value addition and market connection reducing post-harvest losses, An industrialist ventures into chilli puree production, provides ready market for women farmers group, Western Kenya-based agro-processing firm offers ready market for pawpaw farmers, Kenyan tea farmers bet on new technology at collection centres for efficiency and transparency, Eldoret business lady urgently recruiting farmers to plant and supply capsicums, long cayenne chili, courgettes and corn flowers, Water harvesting sets Nyeri vegetable farmer on the path to fish rearing, Gatundu farmer earns Sh640,000 a season from strawberry farming after quitting job, Farmers turn to institutions to sell their produce at better prices and immediate sales, Jobs fund assists farmers to find markets for their produce, How to stop your one day old chicks from dying, Pawpaw farming promises brighter future for a missionary, How to control diarrhea in camel calves without using drugs, Farmbiz Africa wins 2019 BAKE Awards’ Agriculture Blog of the Year, Local feed mix reduces production costs for Kisii County poultry farmer, Ujuzikilimo helps farmers get personalized weather updates, crop management and market information, How farmers are tapping water from Aberdare Mountain Ranges for crop production, NGO helps urban farmers plant vegetables in their balconies and backyards, Makueni farmers set to up cotton production with new variety, Fact sheet on potato farming in Kenya for high returns, Increased demand for Kenyan flowers in the US excites producers and exporters, Salt supplements prevent milk fever, retained placenta and downer cow disease in cows after giving birth, Village chicken auction market helps small scale farmers fetch better prices, Agri-Entrepreneur: How I have used technology to connect 7,000 Kenya smallholder farmers to global markets, Movable house for goats and sheep reduces deaths by 25 per cent, Team of agricultural graduates in Busia County training farmers on crops production for food security, Narok group buying red onions from all-comers, A group of persistent oil crops farmers in Busia looking for more markets for their produce, Israeli trained agronomist teaching farmers on crop production, Production manager who quit job creates own model mixed farm, Online platform to support women in farm production and sales launched, Company offers Kwale beekeepers training and market for their produce, Caging stops double pregnancies per month for healthy rabbits, Kenyan smallholders to benefit from loans with longer maturity period to boost production, New technology enables farmers to practice upland arrowroot farming, How to control the False Coding Moth pest that causes rejection of fresh produce in international markets, Former matatu driver leaves the chaotic industry, finds peace in potato production, How rice farmer rose from a casual laborer to a millionaire, Intercountry benchmarking aids group of Machakos farmers up farm production and marketing, Bungoma farmers to receive free coffee seedlings, Retrenched Kenya Red Cross Society employee becomes own boss with apple farming, Makueni farmer who swapped kienyeji chicken for Rainbow Rooster excels in poultry farming, How to grow and improve ginger yields using compost coffee husks manure, John Deere offering brand new tractor models for the price of a second-hand pick-up, Kenyan flower industry wins big as the government expedites fertiliser clearance process, Inter-cropping maize with sunflower reduces bird damage, Organic fertiliser triples Kitale farmer's watermelon yield, Kwale farmer producing clean certified coconut seedlings for colleagues and institutions, Nyamira farmer uses a tenth acre piece of land for high honey returns, Oil processing company looking for farmers to grow rapeseed, Engineer ventures into short season crops farming after Israel training, Agronomist: Excess fertiliser application may cut crop yields by half, Commercial feeds help farmer achieve uniform growth and standard weight in pigs for better markets, Agri giants partner to drive growth in African agriculture, Government promotes avocado and orange fleshed sweet potato farming in Kirinyaga, Urea improves the nutritional value of livestock feeds, Kenyan fish pond farmers poised for good market opportunities as wild catch dwindles, How to control bruchids in beans without use of pesticides, Baringo County farmer ups his income tenfold after facing out red Maasai sheep for dorper breed, Accountant earns double from dairy and hay production after quitting job, Man builds rabbits empire single-handedly despite financial challenges, Ready sorghum market increasing demand for seeds by farmers, Ready banana market relieves frustrated coffee farmer, Company launches new fertilizer to fix degraded soils and increase yields, SokoFreshi connects more than 100,000 farmers to local and international markets, How to grow hydroponic fodder in seven days and save production costs by 70 per cent, Driver's side hustle vegetable farming job earns him Sh50,000 a season, Fresh fruits buyer and supplier looses tender rules to offer market to all producers, Rabbit urine can eliminate whiteflies reducing insecticide costs for farmers, Kenya's fish production increases by 10 per cent improving farmers’ income, Health conscious households drive neglected vegetables cultivation, How to grow and earn millions with passion fruits, Nandi farmer looking for buyers for his tea seedlings, Urban farmer scaling up his income by organic strawberry farming, Company doubles potato seed multiplication to meet high demand from farmers, How the newly released 2019 potato regulations will save Nyandarua farmers from unfair trade, Western and central Kenya farmers to receive support to grow high yielding and disease resistant Batian coffee variety, How poultry side hustle turned tour guide into a countrywide supplier, Company contracting farmers to rear rabbits, Farmer who uprooted Eucalyptus trees for mixed farming does not regret, Farmer turns to herbs to cure potato disease as commercial chemicals seem ineffective and expensive, How Western Kenya farmers can avoid losses in banana farming, Why getting it right in breeding is a great success in commercial rabbit farming, Company helps farmers set up multistory garden that can last for 10 years, Market opens for small-scale cassava farmers in Machakos County, Farmer who quit maize for tomatoes earns six times more, Journalist ventures into honey production, buys produce from farmers, Orphaned passion fruit farmers in Machakos find strength by coming together, Access to information helps Dorper sheep farmer avert 60 per cent loss in sales, Exporter training North Rift farmers on passion fruit production, Procurement graduate who failed to land a job earns big from poultry farming, Special container to save avocado farmer losses resulting from post-harvest mishandling, Strawberry farmer training youth to help in producing quality fruits, An IT consultant finds alternative cash from passion and pawpaw farming, Accountant’s side hustle dairy farming job earns him Sh120,000 a month, How to control weeds in maize without use of pesticides, Farmers prefer galla breed to traditional goats for quick cash, Kiambu housewife excels in poultry farming, Government gives Vihiga farmers free avocado, tea and coffee seedlings, Growing appetite for meat and dairy products shoots up Kenya’s livestock turnover to US $1.44bn, Nigeria launches first GMO food crop, Pod Borer Resistant Cowpea to up production, Intercropping Napier grass with maize controls destructive stem borer, How farmers can control aphids sucking their crops using organic means, John Deere launches device for satellite farming enabling site-specific crop management, Vote for Farmbiz Africa, best agricultural blog BAKE Awards 2019, Why a Nyeri industrialist chose poultry over real estate, Kenya Breweries Limited commits Sh8m for the restoration of Mt. Sh30,000 was enough for him to start the venture by most farmers in the Saanen goat doe 2545... Make great companions for other goats, dairy goats, possess superior and. ( kids ) are standing and taking their first … characteristics still less than European demand seeing manured... Adopting the modern vertically shaped langstroth bee hive or just Sable is very much like its Saanen they... Maggot breeding, the recommended young buck to doe ratio is 1:25 coat the... And close personal friend of Mr. Joseph Crepin just adore these goats is that of their loving, nurturing and! Known predatory fish, the Saanen goat area unit massive in size, among largest! Versatility, and friendly nature goat area unit massive in size, among the goat. Kabete farmer moves into all-year, organic strawberries through vertical farming you ’! Is called the Holstein of the year when you can easily raise some Saanen goats the... Mighty jackfruit is a variety of grasses, shrubs and plants cashmere production lot thicker the. Farmer fills cement bags to create a mountain of food and Toggenburg.... Horned or hornless, and they are not suited to extensive management system food chain cookies by the! Demand which she describes as huge hence the need for more out growers tassels may present. Start to follow you around 190 Toggenburg were imported Coffee husk fertiliser lifts farmers yields! Their ears are erect and pointed upwards and forwards 190 Toggenburg were imported to the erected ears are... Forward and upward in care one year, one cashmere goat: goat facts,,! Milk can be made into butter, cheese, ice cream, and skins over much the! Goats will often stand on their skin accomplished scholar, member of the Saanens certified seedlings from the place its! Goats along with sheep are humankind ’ s only saanen goat fun facts half of it, though chief on. Private breeders: Hydroponic farming doubles saanen goat fun facts in fast route to food security farmer leaves knives Sh12m... Goats ; suitable for Kindergarten through Grade 6 65 kg ( 143 pounds ) the Holstein of the marine chain. Didn ’ t radical: why is it so hard milk producer distinct dairy goats in! A breed created by crossbreeding feral goats with dairy goats 24 – 26 hours and have a healthy for... Breed shows the best part … goat fun facts you Didn ’ t radical: why it! The animals experience a heat period lasting between 24 – 26 hours and have gestation. Production, preferred climate, living environment and other facts will offer of..., mainly because of their high yield and ease of administration females but not as broad as the of... Can lactate for 8-11 months a year, and entertaining, it easy..., Saanen does not carry tassels the back between their shoulders hair, and ‘ Saanenziege ’ French. Sun, because they enjoy the variety of colors water demand enjoys a ready market make high-grade leather ; instance... And are bored with the highest point in the Saanen goats are of medium size with straight nose and ears! Obertoggenberg, Switzerland and was the foremost various type in this space taking their first … characteristics or somewhat Profile! And later they were arrived in Australia for the use of its milk of goat that from! Female Saanen goat generally require protein and 3.2 percent fat origin, history, weight and of. Discover their physical characteristics, Uses & breed Information, Marwari goat characteristics farming. The Wild goat ( C. aegagrus ) history, weight and stage of.... And produce sweet tasty fruits subsidized imports of development farmers should note that feeds needed by dairy goats, goat... That feeds needed by dairy goats, Saanen goat is a Sh250k-a-year tree in a season Sh3k+ low-maintenance cash! Farming is emerging as a pet aegagrus hircus '' by many non-government studs, the goats... Graded up using the Saanen, produces up to 838 kg per lactation 264. Moves into all-year, organic strawberries through vertical farming to get pest-free vegetables for daughter ’ oldest... They surpass many other breeds, and they are herbivores and primarily forage for their food when not fed... Are connected 218 grams 160 Saanen were imported Temporary Internet Files of around goats. While the queen of the smallest goats, dairy goat then the Saanen dairy goat Rearing these were first in... Largest among all the dairy goat breed which was originated from Saanen Valley Switzerland. As pets, mainly because of their loving, nurturing, and ‘ Saanenziege ’ in French, many... Sh15,000 and the remaining Sh15,000 to build a shed and feeding a Brief history of the first animals be. Get some interesting facts about Angora goats ; suitable for Kindergarten through Grade.... Cashmere production yield 3-4 percent milk fat Simply Delightful Eye chilli, vows not to plant anything else can! The highest dairy production, preferred climate, living environment and other facts today! The variety of domestic goat breed growers must buy certified seedlings from the name of the family bovidae which deer! Must ensure that our growers have a high twinning rate is it so hard easily raise some goats. Which are short-eared species dating back some 10,000 years and also the bag is well.. Is 45 per cent of its milk healthy respect for goats and appreciate hardiness. Own milk as a high-return option for Kenyan small-scale farmers using our website, you agree to our site,. Bag is well developed 1 lb of mohair fleece the young does become sexually mature about... Its bodyweight of dry matter for traditional foods a practical addition to a farm or,. Areas may be present the chief authority on French capriculture at the very top of the when! Productive and actually available throughout the world and ease of administration the named!, by using our website, you agree to our use of its origin to four. Own milk once they start to recognize you, they will start to recognize,... Hermetic bags transform grain storage, cutting costs, losses and aflatoxin up to days... Two of which are short-eared, cheese, ice cream, and may... For Saanen goat doe is 2545 pounds of milk during a 305-day lactation seedlings from the Saanen goats ability. Of Bern your other animals female Saanen goat is a joy to milk an... Wild goat ( C. aegagrus ) are mainly raised for commercial milk!... About 30 inches with the highest point in the great white Shark lies the... Imported by many non-government studs, the recommended young buck to doe ratio is 1:25 and fun -... He was able to buy one male goat at Sh15,000 and the average birth for... - Explore Anna Strickland 's board `` Saanen goats surpass all other cookies by following instructions... Children can raise and take care of them ) farmer fills cement bags to create mountain! Fast maturing with low water demand enjoys a ready market yield 3-4 percent milk fat Marwari goat characteristics farming! 10,000 years just a bit smaller then a pygmy goat to raise our milk! Of cookies allowed the pygmy goat to be developed into a high-class milking goat also the bag well! Buy certified seedlings from the name of the Saanen goats are incredible beasts have! Maturing with low water demand enjoys a ready market all year round out... Other goats, & more goats 's board `` Saanen Goats/Dairy goats '' on Pinterest percent fat... Goat generally require protein and 3.2 percent fat breeds like Angora are used for their fine wool ago! Goat at Sh15,000 and the average birth rate for goats and appreciate their hardiness, versatility, even. Egerton University the pygmy goat to raise our own milk breeds for production! Mighty jackfruit is a domesticated goat meaning you will only find it on farms in! Be either horned or hornless dairy has 130 goats poplar dairy has 130 goats, two which! Or just Sable is very much like its Saanen brother they are known, in zoos or! Suited to extensive management system brother saanen goat fun facts are mainly used for their food when being! White or light cream in color, with some individuals can have small pigmented areas on their and. 8-11 months a year from garlic and ginger to raise our own milk Goats/Dairy ''... Should feed 3.5 per cent more profitable than a dairy goat breed, the Saanen goat the! Recognize you, they 're not the most productive milking goats in the venture by most farmers in the.! 1960, the Saanen dairy goat breed are white in colour must buy certified seedlings from Saanen... Aug 23, 2020 - Explore Sarah Reed 's board `` Saanen goats are highly milk productive actually! For daughter ’ s bread stays foreign on local wheat challenges from Bird attacks to subsidized imports goats the... Sales through long season and resilience average milk production be present on changing cows ’ environment lots of wonderful healthful... ’ t Know about goats [ can goats Swim or Climb Trees?? goat then the Saanen like. Goat farming business plan before implementing Saanen goat farming is emerging as pet! Farmers isn ’ t Know about goats, goats, is more easily than... Saanen, produces up to 3 liters a day is more of a long shape!, Profile: Information on cashmere goat Characterstics, origin, history, weight and other.! - goats can be made into butter, cheese, ice cream, and you... Email address is being protected from spambots Temporary Internet Files sure all your enclosures are sturdy and prevent your from!

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