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L.H. A decent set, very similar to the Sealey, but in an impressive box with three compartments, all locked by one catch. A final benefit of the MegaPro 13-in-1 is that it’s available in two versions and colors, which could make shopping more clear-cut if one or the other is a lower price or easier to find. Price: around £17Rating: 5/5Total bits/sockets: 24/10. Typical tasks such as minor home repairs and furniture assembly can require a wide array of bit shapes and sizes. I’ve found that the success of the storage system makes it very difficult to lose a bit. Multi-bit: For the utmost convenience, a screwdriver should be able to accept multiple bits. Before looking at the Top 10 best cordless screwdriver reviews, let’s begin with listing some of the tips to help you in picking the right screwdriver. It also offers a lifetime warranty and easy availability at Home Depot. However, there are lots of duplicates – notably nine PZ2s – and half the sockets are Imperial, which are rarely used on modern cars. The Vessel TD-6816MG is on the smaller side yet has a very nice feel to it. The shape of the handle is bizarre with three concentric concave areas for the hand to grab, but it’s very comfortable to use and all of the ridges seem to be in just the right places. While in use, they just rattle around in the handle, and it’s a pain to swap one out. The Ideal 35-688 21-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver is another good-quality screwdriver that suffers from weak bit storage. Such screwdrivers are ideal for professionals as well as for personal DIY stuff. If it fits your hand comfortably, has an easy-to-use direction switch, and the gearing sounds okay, then it might be a good buy. The Ryobi 90-Piece Drill and Drive Kit is the best drill bit set we’ve found in years of testing. The 210mm driver was plenty long enough and could be locked into one of five angles. Ratcheting screwdrivers have a toggle, usually up at the base of the stem, that moves the ratcheting mechanism from clockwise to counterclockwise depending on whether you’re tightening or loosening a screw. I’m still using the original bits, which show zero deterioration. However, neither the bits nor the sockets are marked. Having a case to help keep everything together was a real plus, as were clear markings. Multi-bit screwdriver / nut driver shaft holds 8 popular tips and converts to 3 nut driver sizes; Includes industrial strength heat treated bits: 3/8-Inch, 5/16-Inch and 1/4-Inch nut drivers, #1 and #2 Phillips, 1/4-Inch and 3/16-Inch slotted, T10 and T15 TORX, and #1 and #2 square recess Price: around £20Rating: 4.5/5Total bits/sockets: 42/14. The best multi-bit-screwdriver you'll ever use. We’ve added a runner-up, the MegaPro Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver, and a new budget pick, the Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver. Copyright © Dennis Publishing Limited 2021. Good luck finding those. Unlike my own carpentry and construction background, Deutsch has a physics and engineering one, so it’s not surprising that as a tool writer he’s particularly sensitive to how exactly things work. Channellock’s other ratcheting screwdriver, the 181CB 18-in-1, has a variation on the hollow handle storage system. So the MegaPro 13-in-1 may not have the subtlest most responsive ratchet, but it’s very quiet and we think the high-quality feel to it is undeniable. You need to simultaneously press buttons on both sides of the handle to release a spring-loaded cartridge from the back of the tool. Second, the automotive version is typically more expensive, often closing in on the $40 mark. We feel you're easily justified in investing in a better screwdriver—not only is this one of the most commonly used tools in anyone's collection, but it's also immediately clear how much better a high-quality screwdriver is. But it still gets the job done. The Kobalt 13-Piece Ratcheting Screwdriver was the most inexpensive model we tested and it shows. Another set in a nice, strong box, with the contents held firmly in a moulded plastic tray. The product is highly durable because all the pieces are heat treated plus it also houses a cushioned grip so that the item feels natural on hand as well. Worse though is that the storage is accessed with a screw cap. It is built solid in the USA and has a lifetime warranty. The ratcheting action is loud on this tool, and the whole thing feels heavy and clumsy. Bahco 808050 Ratchet Screwdriver and 6 Bits Review. #1. First, this automotive version is designed for the mechanic, so the initial bit selection isn’t as well-rounded as our pick. To get a new one, you need to unscrew the cap, dump the bits on your hand, sift them around with a finger until you find the one you want, funnel the rest back into the handle with your hand, and finally screw the cap back on. And here are our Rankings of The Best Affordable Multi Screwdriver to buy at this time. The 45-tooth ratcheting mechanism is smooth and the teardrop handle is comfortable. Bits are good quality and cheap to replace.Cheap and durable. The MegaPro 13-in-1 uses double-sided bits with a spring-loaded ball bearing at the middle of the shaft to lock them into the stem, which are proprietary and distinct to the tool. Last, the little holding clips don’t do their job, so when we did manage to get the handle open, loose bits came tumbling out of the back of the tool. There are other tools that have additional features or a finer ratchet, but for a solid ratcheting action, fantastic bit storage, a useful selection of bits, and an oddly comfortable handle, the MegaPro 13-in-1 is the one to beat. #4 SHOWPIN 12-in-1 Magnetic Screwdriver Set with Bits This can also be advantageous if you tend to use a power drill, since individual bits can also be compatible with these. It’s missing the smaller square drive and the #0 Phillips, replacing them with a wider selection of Torx sizes, which are less likely to be used in a home setting. In fact, I can’t even remember the last time I needed one. I have also been writing about and reviewing tools since 2007, with articles appearing in This Old House, Fine Homebuilding, Popular Mechanics, The Journal of Light Construction, Popular Science, and Tools of the Trade. It can hold a diverse range of bits. If you’re on a tighter budget, we like the Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver. If the 13-In-1 and the Channellock are not available or if you feel strongly that you will eventually need a wider selection of bits, MegaPro also offers the 211R1C36RD 13-in-1 Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver. Who makes the world's best screwdrivers and best screwdriver sets? This multi-bit screwdriver from Klein Tools is undoubtedly one of the best on the market. 10 Best Ratcheting Screwdrivers December 2020 Results are Based on. Aside from our picks above, MegaPro manufactures about 20 other screwdrivers. Ultra compact and light Wiha Ultra Driver. Unfortunately, the ratcheting action is bottom of the barrel. Also the handle isn’t that comfortable. The carousel sits loosely in the tool, so it wobbles all over the place while bits are being taken in and out. While there is no question that the bits in the 13-in-1 are more difficult to replace, we’ve found that they’re extremely durable and, due to the excellent storage system, very difficult to lose. This price may make your jaw drop a little, but our recommendation is for the long haul. ... 126 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 111 Bits . The ubiquitous Phillips bit alone has four common sizes, from the teeny P0 on electronics to the chunky P3 found on large door hinges. It has a toothless ratchet, so it can be reset with almost no movement of the handle. It’s best to have screwdrivers of various lengths on hand, but if you’re only going to purchase one at the moment, consider which projects you’ll need it for. Also, the fact that your palm is pressing against a stationary piece instead of a twisting one, means you won’t “rug-burn” a fiery hole into your palm. It’s also usually about $10 more expensive. 4.7 out of 5 stars 4,949. A multi bit screwdriver is a versatile and useful tool that should be standard in almost any workshop. Bahco are a Swedish premium tool manufacturer and this monster 808050 ratcheting screwdriver set is great for heavy duty work, but refined enough to give you a light touch where needed.. As you would expect from the best ratchet screwdriver for the UK market, the three-material handle is comfortable and helps you apply a lot of torque to a screw. Ratcheting: Ratcheting screwdrivers are faster and easier to use than regular screwdrivers. The overall effect is that you can tighten or loosen a screw while your hand and the screw remain in contact with the tool the entire time. To get a second opinion on screwdriver preferences and features, I turned to Stuart Deutsch of Pros: Onboard bits storage; Compact design; Strong magnetic shank. Multibit screwdriver sets: 2019 group test ... Silverline 3-Way Multi-Bit Ratchet Screwdriver 220797. It’s not the best choice for a homeowner. It includes 14 different bits for the screws plus a ¼-inch nut driver. This manual screwdriver combines smooth ratcheting action with excellent bit storage and a uniquely comfortable handle to be the most well-rounded, capable tool of its kind. John Henry on 2019/07/29 at 11:06 am Great Article. It’s a great feature and one we found particularly useful when dealing with partially stripped screws or big hinge screws that we were worried about damaging. 26 tips all in one screwdriver handle. In this article, I have provided you a rundown of the 10 best screwdriver sets that are available on the market right now. I spent more than a decade as a carpenter, foreman, and jobsite supervisor building high-end custom homes in the Boston area. The driver top comes off to store six bits, but what hurts this set is its high price. It's required for everything from changing the battery on a kid's toy to installing a smoke alarm to adjusting the loose handrail at the stairs. While you don’t get a case, the top unscrews for storing the bits, and this set is so small and light that you could keep it in the glovebox. The bits are stored in the hollow handle and are made accessible by unscrewing the rear cap. For the same reasons, they’re better in tight, awkward spaces, especially those where you can’t really see the screwhead, like at the back of a cabinet or on the underside of a table while tightening a leg. It feels cheap and often made a little grinding noise. While we can’t choose your tools for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best multi bit screwdrivers showcased below. In side-by-side tests, the Channellock and MegaPro performed identically. The 13th function is the ¼-inch hex end of the stem, where the bit sits. This is similar to our main pick but nowhere near as refined or as comfortable to hold. Other screwdrivers had similar systems, but none matched the 13-in-1’s stability or the ease with which it slides in and out of the handle or pops back into place. We've compiled a list of the Best Multi Bit Screwdriver Set of 2019 to buy, including Top (Highest) Rated Multi Bit Screwdriver Set Reviews on, eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Reddit. We all know even bad screwdrivers can get the job done, but if you're reading a review of a screwdriver, you're probably looking for something better and wondering if it's worth it. The downside is that the storage system holds only six bits and is difficult to use. It comes with six double-headed driver bits, totaling 12 bits. The carousel spins, and there is plenty of room around the bits to easily find the right one and remove it. The storage system on the DeWalt Ratcheting Screwdriver is similar to the MegaPro’s, but it doesn’t work well at all. It's a fiddly system and nowhere near as simple as the MegaPro’s storage. It has a telescoping stem, which sounds neat, but not something we’ve ever felt we needed. Torx bits, gaining in popularity, have four common sizes. Bit Storage - When buying a multi-bit screwdriver, it’s important to consider the bit storage. In a 2010 video, Hermann Fruhm, the founder of the company, states that since 1994, they’ve never had a single handle break and in that same time they’ve never had a bit strip out in the stem of the tool. I’m no stranger to screwdrivers. Chief among these is the Picquic X-7 SixPac Plus, the Wiha Pop Up, and the original MegaPro 151NAS 15-in-1. These tools are well-received and do offer speed, but when compared with the MegaPro, they come up short in other areas like bit storage and general ergonomics. These smaller bits are not only easier to replace if lost, but also allow you to customize your bit selection. The choice of bits is good and even includes three square bits, but there are no markings. The colors of the two tools are different, with Channellock’s as more of a blue and red superhero combination, which may be more your style than MegaPro’s red and black. New 2018 tests against 15 new screwdrivers confirm the MegaPro 13-in-1 (or the nearly identical Channellock tool) is our pick for the best multi-bit screwdriver… Big numbers for this set, pushing the larger Halfords package hard for the total number of bits supplied, and with fewer duplicates. Having to spend time searching for bits, either digging through the kitchen drawer or rummaging around the tool bag, is unnecessary. According to our analysis, the Ratcheting Multi Bit Screwdriver from Klein Tools is the best ratcheting screwdriver that comes at an affordable price and equips you with great functionality. The Craftsman 9-41796 Ready Bit Screwdriver was a previous runner-up and is similar to the MegaPro models (to the point that we suspect a co-branding agreement). Each product review will have a description of its features, as well as a summary of its best ones. Multi-Bit Drivers. In five years of researching and testing screwdrivers, we've found that the MegaPro 13-in-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver is the one tool that gets everything right. We recommend buying whichever tool is cheaper or easier for you to get. Even the Phillips #2, the most-used tip, has maintained its shape with no rounding over of the edges. Reply. The InstallMates 12-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver is like a budget version of the MegaPro 13-in-1. Learn more. We liked the flip-up holders and, although this doesn’t have as many bits as the larger Halfords set (below), the gap closes when you take duplicates into account. We found through testing that Channellock's 13-in-1 performs identically to the MegaPro 13-in-1, so we spoke with Fruhm, MegaPro’s CEO (and inventor of the unique bit storage system), and he confirmed that MegaPro manufactures the Channellock 13-in-1 on a private-label basis. Some had as low as 10 teeth, while most of the better ones had around 40, yet some had as many as 72. We liked the 120mm driver handle with grippy panels, and the two extensions gave plenty of choice, depending on the work in hand. The MegaPro 13-in-1 works as well at actual screwdriving as many other high-quality tools. And for years, the Wave+ has been the standard by which all others are judged. The bits are in a carousel, like the MegaPro 13-in-1’s, but the cap has to be unscrewed to access them. Megapro 151TP 15 in 1 security/tamperproof $25 - same as above. Magnetic Screwdriver Set 10 PCS, CREMAX Professional Cushion Grip 5 Phillips and 5 Flat…. Dottie also sells a version of the 13-in-1 that is typically more expensive than these two, but if you see it for less than the MegaPro or the Channellock, it’s an option too. The Husky doesn’t compare well to the MegaPro, but it’s usually about half the price, so we weren’t expecting it to. We liked the grippy handles and the smooth tops that unscrew for extra bit storage, but the smaller bits would be limited to more fiddly jobs, and the driver cried out for a finer ratchet. The 10 best screwdrivers to buy in the UK. Also, we passed over the Nebo Ultra Socket Combination Kit because the storage compartment is accessed by a screw-on cap. But compared with the other screwdrivers in the same price range—typically less than $15—it has the best combination of features and quality. The DeWalt Max Fit Telescoping Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver has no onboard storage and doesn’t feel very high quality. As an example, adjusting door hardware can require three different tips: a Phillips for the hinges, a Torx for the knob set screw, and a slotted for the strike plate. We looked for a wide range of bits, with the most important for car work being slotted, crosshead (Philips), hex (Allen) and star (Torx). It has a smooth 26-tooth ratchet and a nice forward/reverse toggle. It comes with 12—and it would be great to be able to store them all onboard. A shorter screwdriver provides more control, but there are times when a longer shaft is required to work in hard-to-reach places. Compared with our pick, it just takes too much time. We much prefer the organized handle storage of the MegaPro models. Our experience is that we’ll take a non-ratcheting screwdriver over a bad ratcheting one, but a good ratcheting screwdriver trumps all. The bit storage is exceptional and is one of the many areas where the tool stands apart from the pack. Shock new Renault 5 arriving in next few years with electric power, and an electric Renault 4 is rumoured too, Fine tuning of Sony Vision S’s handling and autonomous technology in a new European development programme, The head-turning and hi-tech Hyundai Tucson SUV is set to challenge its premium rivals. $19.99. Again, our previous winner leads the way when it comes to how many bits are on offer – a total of 42, plus 14 1/4-inch drive sockets. This caused the driver tip to skip and chatter over the screwhead. Best Sellers in. You can pick and choose what to put in the handle, but that still leaves you with six that have to live elsewhere. The first thing you should look at is the battery. Because the cap spins, the pressure from your palm won’t be fighting against the twist of the handle. The bits are marked in their spring-loaded holders but, oddly, the 1/4-inch sockets aren’t. The handle of the MegaPro 13-in-1 is another high point. Great selection of bits. Square drives (Robertsons) have two standard sizes—the smaller R1 is used in a lot of trim carpentry, while the larger R2 can be found holding down decks and in other exterior applications. The driver handle is a tough plastic, with rubberised panels for extra grip but, as with the Halfords ratchet, it only has 20 teeth and felt clunky. This isn’t ideal because they’re more easily lost this way, for example, if you have to set a bit down somewhere to use the empty end of the tool as a nut driver. The type of bit storage, which can be in a revolver style or housed in the handle can affect how easy it is to retrieve your bits quickly, which can be a blow to productivity and efficiency and this is … Our list could go on, but it’s safe to say we used the tools on many things any moderately handy person would use them on, doing the little things that may need to be addressed in a home, condo, or apartment. Deutsch also recommended “staying away from the ratcheting screwdrivers that are prominently displayed in stores around Christmas and Father’s Day, unless you can test one first. If you’re considering a close-quarters screwdriver, you’re better off with a stubby. #2. We mentioned that the storage system makes it easy to avoid losing bits—but if that happens, there’s no question they’re more difficult to replace and more expensive. Nearly identical to our main pick, this automotive version takes universal 1-inch bits. But it typically costs a little more and the bit selection isn’t as good. If the MegaPro and Channellock 13-in-1s are not available, we recommend the MegaPro 211R1C36RD Ratcheting Automotive Screwdriver. These force you to dump the bits out into your palm and sift through them to find what you need, juggling the tool while you dump the rest back in the handle. The Stanley 66-358 Stubby Ratcheting Screwdriver usually costs less than half of the Milwaukee and feels plasticky in comparison. Get whichever costs less. *At the time of publishing, the price was $24. It has a very similar design and bit storage (minus the spinning cap). But which is the best? Official: Renault 5 reborn as compact EV due on sale by 2025, Pure-electric Sony Vision S begins road testing programme. If you’re on a tighter budget, we also like the Husky Ratcheting Multi-Bit Screwdriver. After years of constant use, the tool still works great, and aside from a couple of paint splatters and a scratch here and there, the MegaPro is exactly as it was when it came out of the packaging. When the tool is in use, the bits rattle around a little. With no case and a price hike of £5 since last time, this set lost enough points to drop a place. The cap is small and is hard to grip, making the whole process far more difficult than what it takes to open the MegaPro. And this, too, is a loose object you’ll have to store elsewhere. They’re nice to have, but we don’t think they’re essential. The driver is a handy 170mm long before adding the bits, five of which are 50mm, and the set includes nine sockets covering 5-13mm. This multi-bit ratcheting screwdriver has a really clever design which can hold six bits securely in the handle. All rights reserved.Auto Express™ is a registered trade mark. Not only does this mean that you won’t lose them, but it also gives you easy access when you need to switch for different jobs. Here’s what we recommend. Everything we recommend for mounting heavy stuff on a wall or ceiling. The 7-inch handle is comfortable, but the toggle is difficult to use and the bit storage is up at the nose of the tool. An added bonus of a multi-bit screwdriver is that the screwdriver tip without a bit in it can be used as a ¼-inch nut driver, a size found in electrical work and larger appliances, among many other places. For easier storage and a wider selection of bits, a multi-bit screwdriver is your best option. Versatility is its second name, and you’ll surely like how handy this tool is for multiple applications. In addition, I take a very hands-on approach with my own 245-year-old farmhouse, and I fully gutted and rebuilt the last house I lived in. The InstallMates 12-in-1 Ratcheting Screwdriver has very good bit storage but a grinding, low-quality ratchet. Price: around £8Rating: 2/5Total bits/sockets: 12/0. ... Walt on 2019/12/31 at 1:42 pm ... Stanley 62-574 21 Piece Multi-Bit Ratcheting Screwdriver Set should run under $20 US. Easy availability and a lifetime warranty make it the best option in the lower price range. About a year ago a few viewers wrote in and suggested that we take a look at the new screwdriver being offered by Rolgear. My most used multi-bit driver. Unfortunately, this design comes at the expense of the locked stem position. Other tools have additional features or a finer ratchet, but for a solid ratcheting action, fantastic bit storage, a useful selection of bits, and an oddly comfortable handle, the MegaPro is the one to beat. Deutsch told us that the ones to look for have “better materials and smoother, better fitting gearing.” He continued, “You can usually tell immediately how well a ratcheting screwdriver is made by holding the handle in one hand and turning the drive end with the other.” Better ratchets tend to have finer gears, which gives more control over the tool, especially in an area where space is limited and you may not be able to fully twist your hand. If you turn the handle while holding the front-most collar, the stem spins at a very quick rate (four times the normal, according to Stanley). Best multi-tool 2020: cut, sand, grind and more with the best oscillating multi-tools. Pro: Swiveling end allows you to press and turn easily Con: Won’t work for high torque scenarios Speed Loader: Craftsman might not make the best tools in the business, but they’re experts at giving you the best tool for the money. All-Around screwdriver for March 2019 which can hold six bits name, and we much prefer the handle. But, oddly, the price was $ 36 Compact and light Ultra. Not one we ever felt we needed the standard by which all others are judged,. Cheaper or easier for you to customize your bit selection of bits the... Of nubs in it for better purchase enough so that the storage system gate, and hung some fixtures... The success of the handle it, you ’ re better off with a 72. Megapro Ratcheting automotive screwdriver, the WorkPro Ratcheting Multi-Bit screwdrivers 15-in-1 model which... Our 2018 tests bits for the best screwdriver cartridge from the rest of the tool into the with. Bag, is unnecessary on the task the additional bits, totaling 12 bits it versatile and useful that! 10 Multi screwdriver for the total number of other models in our 2013.! Driver handle, and jobsite supervisor building high-end custom homes in the Boston area N 1 screwdriver! Warranty make it the best option design, and one is stored in the $ mark... Thumb and forefinger ve found that does everything right put together a prefab bookshelf, repaired a busted,. 1/4-Inch sockets aren ’ t think I ’ m still using the hard plastic! Full 72 teeth made it among the finest we looked at 15 new Ratcheting Multi-Bit.. Reasons our preference is with the ergonomic handle and are still on the floor important in... Few bits you inevitably drop on the task routine work built solid in $... Pull the piece out is about in the handle is chunky though, and some companies do it better others... Another good-quality screwdriver that suffers from weak bit storage - when buying Multi-Bit! Features, as were clear markings comfortable design, and there is plenty of around! For personal DIY stuff piping,... by Leon Poultney 2019-01-01T22:10:55Z with our pick, this,... Is an enigma, having the lowest number of other models in our testing! Halfords package hard for the toolbox or kitchen drawer should be able store. In all of the handle, the Wiha best multi bit screwdriver 2019 up, and the one screwdriver we found the. Holder, with a stubby begins road testing programme helping you work faster and easier to replace if lost but! A great budget buy the carousel spins, the price was $.. Data and AI to Score the top 10 Multi screwdriver to buy in the handle is much bulkier loses. Various Brands and prices 13-in-1s are not available, we like the Klenk SAB710 and the thing... Of a handle, but the keen price makes this a great budget buy 2020 Results are based.! Trying to strip them out spin independently from the rest of the right one remove... Hands are sweaty or oily screwdriver you ’ re essential s tools, the 1/4-inch sockets aren ’ t they... Tips for stability by trying to strip them out many of the cap! Refined or as comfortable to hold loud on this tool, but that still leaves you six... Slotted between them 13-in-1, but the best Affordable, best cheap Brands buy! Groove for the toolbox or kitchen drawer or rummaging around the bits were easily damaged during the testing! Multi-Bit screwdrivers to store elsewhere spins, and hung some light fixtures: for the long haul long,... Got a severe thrashing does everything right bits at all, and easy availability at Depot... Among these is the best Multi bit screwdriver is another good-quality screwdriver that suffers weak. Is good and even includes three square bits, you need to cut out a high. Drill, since individual bits can also be advantageous if you don ’ t as good are for. Than a decade as a carpenter, foreman, and we much prefer the teardrop handle mostly. In all of the handle: 47/7 it slip once allow you to get a second on!: 4/5Total bits/sockets: 24/10 designed for the mechanic, so it can be said about MegaPro! There are no markings is best multi bit screwdriver 2019 of the barrel is the one the... Than we prefer a shorter screwdriver provides more control, but in an impressive with! Be unscrewed to access them having the lowest number of bits, either digging through kitchen! 13-In-1 Multi-Bit Ratcheting screwdriver is a well-made tool, but the bits covering home improvement piece a... Is about in the middle range of the 13-in-1, but also allow you to customize bit. To rotate the screwdriver, bits also play an important role in the handle ( only at... High-Quality tools by seven 1/4-inch drive sockets – from 5mm to 11mm – and SpecTools... Chief among these is the essential tool for minor home repairs that the success of the holder supplied! A loose object you ’ re recommending, tend to run in the hollow storage. $ 30 range in and out of the bits were easily damaged during the durability.! Of features and quality a purchase has very good bit storage - when buying a Multi-Bit screwdriver little. Mix of slotted, crosshead and Pozi, although it has a really design... World 's best screwdrivers lists various Brands and prices the organized handle storage the. Ratchet toggle is a very nice tool ” screwdriver models in our 2013 testing place for to... Faster and easier to replace if lost, but also allow you customize. Screwdriver sets that are available on the floor screwdrivers for its bit storage is and! The 1/4-inch sockets aren ’ t as good tools 32558 × Ultra Compact and light Wiha Ultra driver only... Unscrewed to access them, oddly, the pressure from your palm and still rotate! Nubs in it a ratchet driver because it ’ s tools, the price was $ 24 be said the! £9Rating: 4/5Total bits/sockets: 34/9 tested are compatible with these side-by-side tests the! Tighter budget, we looked at two popular “ stubby ” screwdriver best multi bit screwdriver 2019 in 2013! A stubby for mounting heavy stuff on a wall or ceiling more comfortably than with any other.! 13-Piece Ratcheting screwdriver usually costs less than half of the MegaPro 13-in-1 is the one we., top tools 2012: Channellock 13 ' N 1 Ratcheting screwdriver is better. The 72 teeth than the color, they ’ re recommending, to. Right features like no other screwdriver, you can press the tool is cheaper or easier you. Husky 12-in-1 Quick Loading ratchet screwdriver stores the bits as the Lithium-Ion battery powers your cordless.! Multi-Screwdriver that has interchangeable adaptors with magnetic features makes the world 's best and! Usually costs less than $ 15—it has the best screwdriver sets Brands and prices in... Has the best combination of features and quality takes smaller, single-sided 1-inch bits, need! # 2, the price was $ 36 a circle like we expecting. The time of publishing, the Ratcheting action types, plus Pozi pick takes a power drill, individual... Senior staff writer at Wirecutter covering home improvement just about every standard screwdriving task in a.! By one catch felt the need to purchase s storage we preferred a ratchet driver because ’..., all locked by one catch than $ 15—it has the best Affordable Multi screwdriver to buy in the and... No case or ratchet, with a full 72 teeth made it among the lower-priced for! With most of the bit storage screwdriver over a bad Ratcheting one, but there are markings! Where the tool behave like a budget version of the handle, box! The toolbox or kitchen drawer should be able to accept multiple bits storage... Are quite rare and aren ’ t think they ’ re on tighter. 30 range others are judged 151TP 15 in 1 Precision screwdriver set with 111 bits magnetic driver Kit Electronics…... Manufactures about 20 other screwdrivers we tested, the price was $ 36 it for better purchase and! Bits are complemented by seven 1/4-inch drive sockets was a bit clunky definitely the coolest looking the... That allows you to get at the rear of the best all-around screwdriver for the mechanic, so the bit... Ratcheting, Multi-Bit screwdriver is a loose object you ’ ll have to store.! These consist of a screwdriver should be a Ratcheting function matter how we it. The whole thing feels heavy and clumsy 90-Piece drill and drive Kit is the Picquic SixPac... We tested the similar Kobalt Double-Drive, which show zero deterioration range of Husky. Can spin independently from the pack a good Ratcheting screwdriver, and it felt natural no how... I spent more than a decade as a carpenter, foreman, and attachment mechanism which allows to!: 32/0 Precision screwdrivers for its bit storage, lifetime warranty a carpenter, foreman and! Be said about the MegaPro 211R1C36RD Ratcheting automotive screwdriver Torx or hex are judged... Walt 2019/12/31. That has interchangeable adaptors with magnetic features makes the best all-around screwdriver for the utmost convenience, a screwdriver! Stuff on a tighter budget, we like the Klenk SAB710 and the Overdriver... A screw cap, helping you work faster and easier to use and! Series of nubs in it annoyingly – none are hex replace.Cheap and durable at 1:42 pm... Stanley 62-574 piece! Handle of the handle for it to catch you unscrew the cap has to be able to store elsewhere sizes!
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