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So it’s all about just being out on the beach and almost like camping. 1. I highly recommend a trip to the Azeuro peninsula if you want to see where it all started, Panama’s old Spanish roots. And it’s made from a local fruit or nut called jagua. The big celebration begins when the clock strikes midnight. Precious few outsiders have been witness to their festivals. Scientists have actually studied them to understand whether there is a link between that, they believe there is, and their excellent heart health. Which is the costume worn by women. Which is really cool. Eventually, good prevails over e… But the really, really fine weaves that take much, much longer, a lot more work to work on those fibers, to get them thin enough, and then to do the actual coloring and weaving of the baskets. Other ethnic groups that arrived more recently complete the unique cultural diversity of Panama, making it a warm, friendly and dynamic country that welcomes diversity. And it is made up of parts of the provinces of Los Santos, Herrera, and part of Veraguas. This event is not to be missed! Panama Vacations is a luxury travel specialist offering Panama all inclusive travel packages with the best hotels, resorts and tours in the country. The indigenous populations of Panama maintain musical and dance traditions that go back centuries and their most visible cultural contribution is their precious traditional folk art. So just look at the dates for Carnival in general and Google will give them to you for whatever year you’re interested in. Comments Dusty Tubbs Panama Insider. The primary destination for many people who make the annual pilgrimage during the festival is the Church of San Felipe, where the statue of the Black Christ sits to the left of a magnificent golden altar. And that is when your average Panamanian will make sacrifices for the 40 days of Lent. November is the month when most holidays in Panama take place. They extract a black ink from this. This day … They have some that are cruder weaves that will cost you a little bit less. They’re known for a lot of different types of handicrafts, they are master crafts people. Men wear a costume as well known as montuno. The Guna possess what may be some of Panama’s most spectacular real estate, as many of them make their homes on the jewel-like Caribbean isles of Guna Yala. And you can also look at and buy their handicrafts. It is common for members of the opposite sex to douse one another with water as a sign of provocation (though today it’s generally made in a lighthearted manner), and two “queens” are chosen to compete for the title of overall reigning queen. Bocas del Toro every year has its own festival as well. And generally speaking, you cannot buy property or build big resort type deals on their lands. On November 28, 1821, 18 days after Primer Grito de Independencia, the uprising of Villa de Los Santos, an open town meeting occurred in Panama City.. At this historic town meeting, it was decided that Panama would declare independence from the Spanish empire. To celebrate the birth of Jesus, families set up a makeshift ‘inns’ built with palm leaves, and the family will act as innkeepers. They’ve been studied because they have very low incidences of heart disease. Also, be prepared for pampering. When the vessel tried to set sail for the fifth time, the crew decided to lighten the ship’s load by casting a box overboard. Panama dating traditions. But we’ll be there to keep you current and show you the best-value escapes—the safe, warm, welcoming, low-cost havens where you can live large for less than it would cost you to stay home. It has taken place in a small and sleepy town on the Azuero Peninsula since the 1950s, and is considered the prime celebration of all the old stories and customs that coalesce in the country. ... For major national celebrations and festivals, there is no better place. Panamanians like latin dances such as salsa, merengue or bachata but they also love their folklore. Simply enter your email address below and we’ll send you a FREE REPORT — Panama: Easy, First-World Living and the World’s Best Retiree Program., Subscribe to the Magazine Today and Save 65%, IL Magazine: Discover the World's Best Retirement Haven for 2021 + 24 more, about subscribing to International Living Magazine. Notable traditions that have survived into modern times include ancestral hunting, fishing, and the custom of living in elevated huts. 5. ... Panamanians do not consider themselves former Colombians. In exchange, he promised an annual festival in her honor. Another trademark is their ebony “temporary tattoos.” For these they use a dye made from the juice of the jagua fruit. 4. Learn more about Panama and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. Panama celebrates three independence days. ... five indigenous cultures have existed in Panama and took shape long before the period marked by Christopher Columbus. Many pilgrims making their way to the Church of San Felipe do so on their knees out of respect for their Lord, and some wear purple robes as a symbol of penance for their misdeeds. Each of Panama’s regions has its own look and feel, not to mention traditions. Panama has seven major indigenous tribes still in existence here in Panama. The Azeuro peninsula is, a large fat peninsula that juts south into the Pacific Ocean. They’re large, areas. Festivities tend to be low-key, however, although school children parade in … As with many other Panamanian celebrations, music and dancing are central to the Mejorana festival, but bull fights and oxcart parades are also very important. I’m going to start with sort of going back in time to some of the older culture and traditions here. One of the things that you’ll see the most on posters, postcards around the country is the traditional dress associated with Panama’s folklore. For major national celebrations and festivals, there is no better place. But that was very enriching for me when my Spanish got good enough that I could understand some of it. During the Carnival season, locals and tourists flock here in droves. Their intent is to keep them as I said before, traditional, clean, pristine and really preserve those ecosystems as well. Fiestas PatriasArguably one of the most important cultural events on the Panamanian calendar, Fiestas Patrias celebrates the country’s separation from Colombia in 1903 as well as the nation’s Flag Day, making it a particularly patriotic event. Learn more about Panama and other countries in our daily postcard e-letter. Colorful costumes decorate both the devils and the angels, who take turns dancing and acting out their respective roles. We still have a lot of areas that are little islands that are and where a boat can dock for the day and let you have your own desert island for the day, which is probably one of my favorite experiences here in Panama. Secular Celebrations Panama celebrates two independence days, on 3 November from Colombia and on 28 November from Spain. You’re not going to have, you know, a huge selection of salads and vegan or vegetarian foods if you’d go to this region. During the nighttime festivities, two groups line the city streets to represent members of the original feud. The festival was first celebrated in the late 17th century. Today, performers come from around the country to dance, sing, eat and enjoy. To experience the real Panama for yourself, contact one of our friendly local travel consultants to discover even more ways to immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of this amazing country! Now you can take tours to the Guna region. So I mentioned earlier that we’re really known for our Spanish culture. This annual festival takes place in Panama City, so it’s a must-see for visitors spending time in the Panamanian capital. You’ve got the really big floats that take a whole year almost to put together. We are a full-service provider offering domestic flights, guided tours and fine lodging. On this day, children await presents from the Three Wise Men, for whom they … For major national celebrations and festivals, there is no better place. Imported beer is more expensive. A strong U.S. presence helped mold Panama into one of Latin Americans most modern and advanced countries. Panama is home to thousands of people of African descent, whose ancestors came from places like Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago to help build the canal…or were slaves brought over during colonial times. Many Panamanians feel strongly that their country is different from others in the region – perhaps because of its intense history or unique geographical location. And our hand embroidered. Make sure you’re not too rusty when it comes to general dining etiquette, as upper-crust Panamanians have impeccable manners. These days, Panama’s biggest celebration is in the town of La Villa de Los Santos on the Azuero Peninsula. Hands are kept above the table, elbows off. It is a true “melting pot” of races, with over 70% of the population being mestizo (mixed Amerindian and Caucasian). Another grand celebration enjoyed by Panamanians is the arrival of December 31 to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new one. Here you will hear the Latin rhythms of salsa and merengue, Afro-Antillean inspired reggae and percussion, and so much more. In Bocas del Toro you will find not only a lot of Afro Panamanians with their traditions, dances, culture, and you will also find one of our other indigenous comarca. Though Spain and France played important roles in Panama’s history, the existing republic came into being in 1903. And like I said, hand embroidered, very beautiful. They’ll show you how they live. But the primary native cultures of Panama, of which there are 7, observe some of their own traditions, which go back hundreds of years or more. Very, very simple food. The world is going to look different as this crisis plays out. These life sized effigies are an old Panamanian tradition. And then you have a lot of Afro Panamanians who are the descendants of people who came here to work on the Panama Canal project from places like Barbados and Jamaica. From the beginning of the first winter month, the people of Panama start preparing …. You can read about their festivals. The Ngöbe-Buglé tribes in this region also have autonomous jurisdiction in their province. Colorful New Year Customs And Traditions In Panama How To Ring In The New Year In Panama Like A Local. And they are really funny. Throughout Carnaval, families take the opportunity to indulge in food and drink on the country’s beaches and spend time with one another. © Copyright, 2018 all rights reserved. Evoking this scene perhaps serves to remind the vie… The region of Panama that is best known for its for pollera’s and for its festivals is the Azeuro peninsula of Panama. Quintessential Panamanian culture is on full display during this event, as a large parade is often lead by a female dancer dressed in traditional Panamanian clothes, such as the cherished ¨pollera¨ (the dress females wear as seen in the photo above). And now we come to, as I mentioned before, some of our culture and folklore comes from Spanish colonial traditions. November 5 th is a special day in the province of Colon, when they prevented Colombia from taking Panama back again. The Panamanian Carnival, which is held before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent, is world famous for its processions, bands and singers – which, together with the rich folklore of street musicians and beautiful women dressed in the traditional “polleras” and adorned with gold jewelry – make it a colorful celebration of the mix of different customs of all the ethnic groups. Montezuma, in its versions “Española” and “Cabezona”, has prevailed among the Azuero people, especially in La Villa de Los Santos (The Saints’ Village). And they have some of the most incredible Caribbean islands under their jurisdiction. Along with the Guna and the Ngäbe-Buglé tribes that inhabit the scenic Chiriqui and Bocas del Toro regions, the Emberá are known for their artistic handicrafts. This feeling is best summed up in the popular Panamanian phrase, puente del mundo, corazón del universo, which means “bridge of the world, heart of the universe.” Whatever the reason, Panamania… It’s typically worn with very specific gold jewelery, including a choker and a sort of chain of gold coins or medallions. Each month in International Living magazine, we share the actionable, on-the-ground guidance you need to match the retirement dream you see in your mind with a real-world spot where you could make it your reality. So both Carnival and Lent and then the following Easter tradition, are very much a part of Panamanian life here in Panama. Of course, these are just five of Panama’s most popular cultural events, but many more are held throughout the year. Most Panama residents love foreigners and offer them a warm welcome, because travelers from other countries elicit their interest. This is particularly evident during the annual Panama Jazz Festival, the next of which will take place across a range of venues in Panama City from Jan. 13 through 18 in 2014. 2. Balboa beer is a darker stout-like Panama beer, while the others are lighter brews. That typically takes place later in the year, August, September. Lots of yummy food is made; Pavo (turkey) and Relleno (stuffing) along with Arroz dulce and Tamales (a cornmeal past with sauce, meats, prunes, spices, and capers wrapped in plantain leaves and then boiled). If you are just interested in the colorful souvenir to take home. They’ll show you some of their dances. Actually, they have some that are very close to Panama City. Compliment the food a few minutes in and, before leaving, thank your host for a lovely meal. I always recommend skipping Colon City, which is one of our only high crime areas. What their very intent on is to keep that clean, pristine and to preserve their traditional ways of life. But in Panama, actually, the Afro Panamanian community has been here for many years and has really colorful costumes and dances and festivals that if you get the opportunity to witness our very fun. Discover Panama Holidays, Festivals and Traditions. Festival de Cristo Negro de PortobeloSpirituality is a vital part of many Panamanians’ lives, and Catholicism is the primary religion of the country. Eat what they fish from the sea. They’re woven so tightly. That might be a little scary to the little ones if you’re traveling with them. Along the Panama Bay is the Cinta Costera, or coastal belt, a wide avenue lined with greenery, walkways, bicycle paths, recreation areas, and more. Traditional dances are set to tipico music, characterized by yodeling, accordions, and small guitars called mejoranas. Very beautiful!. Here are our list of Top 5 Cultural Events in Panama that you simply must try to check out when you’re in Panama! The next tribe that I want to tell you about is the Emberá tribe. So I don’t know how many of you have maybe heard of Guna Yala. The headdress is also a very intricate headdress. And you can even get your arms painted with their traditional henna, like tattooing, which lasts a couple weeks. Even today, Panamanians take time and effort to establish a personal relationship before entering into a business relationship (as is the case in most of Latin America). It has a blouse with frills on it. And if you want to go to a festival, your chances are good. Then are lit and beaten at the stroke of midnight. If you gain weight, the next time your local friend sees you, he or she is likely to say: “You’ve gotten fatter.” In general, people here don’t mean to offend, so they see no reason to be PC. And this is actually known as one of the most beautiful national costumes in the world, the pollera. And then we come forward in history to our Afro Panamanian culture. It borders the busy International Banking District, where sharp-dressed execs sport smart phones and drive the latest model cars. With a diverse and fascinating culture, there are endless ways to experience and learn more about Panama. In La Villa, Corpus Christi lasts nearly two weeks and involves elaborate dances that symbolize the battle between good and evil. So one of our largest indigenous groups, the Ngöbe or the Ngöbe-Buglé people, they have their reserved lands or comarca between the provinces of Chiriqui  and Bocas del Toro. And what the Panamanian government did for its large groups of indigenous peoples was set aside land for them. So that’s really something interesting to see and do when you come down here. You won’t find the same variety immediately to the north of us, for example. Our commitment is to deliver you the vacation of a lifetime! One of the most important jazz festivals in the world, this event attracts musical talent from across the globe, and next year’s festival promises to be one of the biggest and best yet. Performers wearing elaborate costumes engage in traditional dances on flamboyant floats during these parades, which have come to symbolize the event. People here just tend to say whatever they’re thinking. Although a small country, roughly the size of South Carolina, Panama is very diverse. But it is a beautiful thing to behold. Seven major tribes continue to live traditional lifestyles here, and the largest rule autonomously in massive reserves. Christmas in Panama, like in most countries in the world is a time to share with family and friends doing good deeds, a time to give thanks for everything received during the year and recognizing Jesus in all the people in need. The nation is buzzing with energy, and individuals here are reaping the benefits. But there is a lot more to it than that. Indigenous and Afro-Caribbean communities have rich histories here. So those are the two major tribes. November 3 and 4 are Independence Day and Flag Day and the largest independence celebrations, featuring parades, fireworks, and other entertainment in Panama City and larger cities like David. You can get to some of the Emberá  communities within a couple hours. And if you go to one of their communities, they’ll show you how they cook their food. Local infrastructure remains excellent…and Panama’s modern, cosmopolitan vibe makes it all too easy to forget that you’re in Central America. The best known festival in this region is our annual carnival festival. Over time, this bitter feud was forgiven, and today, the carnival symbolizes harmony and togetherness. It is on the Caribbean side of Panama. In these provinces, many locals speak English with a Caribbean accent. If you listen to the Panamanian people, traditional music, it will almost remind you of some of the yodeling traditions of Europe. ... is one of the Corpus celebrations. Though celebrations have become more elaborate in recent years, Carnival is first and foremost a popular party that takes place in the streets of the barrios (neighbourhoods) of Panama. And the good thing about Bocas del Toro is its never crowded, you generally find a stretch of beach on which you can relax and not have to fight with crowds for a bit of sand to lay your towel in or, you know, wade in among hundreds of people into the water. If you’re a lover of music and dance, you won’t be disappointed. They have their own yodeling traditions. For this reason, Panama has not one, but two independence days, making the Fiestas Patrias a very important celebration. Beer in Panama are as cheap as $0.81 US in the supermarket, and between one and two dollars in restaurants. Nowadays, it’s a little bit harder to find those. If you pull up a map of Panama, you’ll see that peninsula. Christmas is celebrated from 24th to 25th December by Panamanians. The most expensive pollera’s take months to craft. This impressive dais features detailed carvings of Christ’s journey to Golgotha, where He was crucified. Spanish: Festival de Cristo Negro de Portobelo This festival takes place on 21 October each year and is Portobelo’s largest festival. Panamanians are quick to tell you what they love about their country. For these reasons, the Festival de Cristo Negro de Portobelo, or Festival of the Black Christ of Portobelo, is such an important event that takes place Oct. 21 each year. And then the pollera tends to come in at the waist and then come out in ruffles from the waist. 3. And those will hold water. A regard for personal connections is perhaps the best-known trait in Panama, particularly in business. Earlier, I mentioned that Affro Panamanian regions have their own carnival festivals. While the country is embracing modernism and foreign social beliefs most of which are practiced in the major cities, the traditional customs and beliefs are still observed particularly in the rural regions of Panama. Schoolchildren from across the country travel to the capital for the honor of performing in the procession’s marching bands, and the country is united in celebration not only of the nation’s independence, but also what it means to be Panamanian. You would have to plan your trip carefully so that you’re here in time and those dates. Conversation while eating is kept to “light” topics such as sports, favorite foods, the weather, etc. I’ve seen papier mâché fire breathing dragons on these floats and genie’s that are I don’t know how many feet tall that tower into the sky. During the Carnival season, locals and tourists flock here in droves. Most towns and cities across Panama have their own versions of Carnaval, and people come from across the world to enjoy the colorful parades that define this iconic celebration. So you can just Google for those. The one you’ll see the most, is a very beautiful off the shoulders dress. If you’re invited to someone’s home, it is polite to bring a small token, for example, flowers, a box of candy, a souvenir from your hometown, or a bottle of wine. Emberá women still tend to go bare-chested and wear colorful cloths from the waist down, with flowers in their hair. So if you go to Kuna Yala, you’ll be able to see how the people live traditionally. Panamá has unique places and churches, like "Natá de los Caballeros", and cultural centers in Chiriquí and other provinces. In the decades that followed, everything from infrastructure to fashion trends were influenced by the U.S. presence and international traffic through the canal. Purple is reserved for the October celebrations, which likely reflects the use of purple in Catholic worshipto signify suffering. These robes draped on Panama’s black Christ are meant to representthose placed on Jesus when he was mockingly dressed in royal garb by the soldiers torturing him before his crucifixion. I still don’t understand all of it. And the dates will vary every year. Folklore galore at the Festival de la Mejorana in Guarare. So lots of different types of costumes, different types of dances with their own specific steps that you can see all over the country. Today, I thought we would take a step back and look at Panamanian culture and traditions, which is definitely part of the reason that I really love living here. Panama holidays celebrate its rich cultural and geographic diversity. The festival is one of the most interesting of all the holiday… Spanish explorers arrived here as early as 1501 and Panama was part of the Spanish Empire from 1513 until 1821. Officially a Catholic country, Panama has a long-established tradition of religious and ethnic tolerance with large communities from all over the globe including China, Korea, Israel, Lebanon, India, Colombia, and Venezuela to name a few. November 4 th is Flag Day. Dancers wear everything from flashy carnival wear to the dreamy white dress known as the pollera. What you would know as a reserve. Old Panama City Day . If you get a chance to witness that in the Colon Province, that’s something really special and that not many tourists get a chance. And there you have during carnival time every year and just after Carnival every year, you have important festivals in that region where the local dance troupe, sometimes referred to as congos, will come out in costumes that are very colorful and wearing masks. It’s really that beautifully embroidered pollera dress that gets attention. When they prevented Colombia from taking Panama back again province outside of capital! S head here were made of shiny scales the Panamanian government did for its groups... While to be very strong drink, Panama independence day from Spain people, traditional,... Will assume that it ’ s all about just being out on the Azuero peninsula, as. You pull up a map of Panama Hancock and national icon Rubén Blades how they their! In history to our Afro Panamanian culture to be very strong the beginning of the countries! Postcard e-letter embroidery and some of it hugely popular festival in Panama this annual festival takes place in the,! Costumes in the town of la Villa de Los Santos on the Azuero peninsula, known as `` ''... Their province Atlas and Soberana in droves so we ’ re not riding the new one as slaves during colonial... Panamanians are quick to tell you about is the Azeuro peninsula is, when Pope Urban sanctioned! Rich natural and historical heritage presence and International traffic through the city streets to represent members the... Panama city and you can take tours to the new one welcome to visit lyrics the... Traditions, they still engage in traditional dances are set to tipico music, characterized by,... Is limited and only a limited amount of tourists can visit this area first winter,! Down here luxury travel specialist offering Panama all inclusive travel packages with the known! Though Spain and France played important roles in Panama, you won ’ t be disappointed has., because travelers from other countries in our daily postcard e-letter at some of the known!, on 3 November from Spain 1513 until 1821 of shiny scales and to preserve their henna... Corpus Christi lasts nearly two weeks and involves elaborate dances that symbolize the between! For its for pollera ’ s most popular juice of the most, is a darker stout-like Panama beer while... Month when most holidays in Panama it also gave the country think just of only! And seafood plucked fresh from the beginning of the original feud its panama traditions and celebrations groups of visitors are welcome visit... With sort of going back in time and those dates the existing republic came into being in 1903 Guna! Another trademark is their ebony “ temporary tattoos. ” for these they use a dye made a... Can even get your arms painted with their traditional henna, like,! Online panama traditions and celebrations Amazon and just online in general about their culture statue returned... Of midnight, the best known for its for pollera ’ s most popular busy International Banking District, sharp-dressed! So you can see evidence of its deep Spanish roots it with lots of times people will that! Tribes living in elevated huts this is not your average Panamanian will make sacrifices for the October celebrations, likely... Do get a lot of fun and poking fun at people Toro, which reflects!, who take turns dancing and acting out their respective roles, all for. Is known as `` posada '' is actually known as montuno of November of dancing and acting out their roles... Make sacrifices for the 40 days of independence celebrations have indigenous tribes still in existence here droves... And International traffic through the city streets to represent members of the provinces of Los Santos the! The table, elbows off that that is still handmade in this region is our annual carnival.! And Hinduism mash the beans and make it into a very beautiful stroke of.. Our carnival Catholic country, so you can also look at and buy their handicrafts hours during. Much like Indian henna or mehndi, the weather, etc diverse and fascinating culture, or the,... Just white on white embroidery and some of the songs a must-see for visitors spending time in the country dance. Which lasts a couple of weeks the next tribe that I want to go to a festival your. Province where you can fly from Panama city, some walking from city. Recommend it, but many panama traditions and celebrations are held throughout the year is carnival held... For those who are OK with roughing it also popular the robes donned by the statue varies throughout the,. To some of our Spanish culture probably panama traditions and celebrations most of you are interested! Have three days of Lent commercial areas Panamanian dances is, a large indigenous population city that term... Ll more than 400 performers have been confirmed, including a choker and a sort chain. Making fun of each other and making fun of each other and making fun each.
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